EMM TSD1 DAC2 Software

I have the TSD1 and DAC2 combo. They performed flawlessly. Then, I installed the most recent software updates for both, and lost fiberoptic connectivity between the two units. The AES/EBU connection works fine, as does everything else. I'd be curious to hear about other experiences with these particular updates.
I was just considering doing the updates, I haven't yet. Let us know what EMM Labs says when you contact them about this!

Is this software update a sonic or more of a function upgrade? Thanks

Since there aren't any bites yet, I'd like to ask the complementary question: Has anyone done the update successfully, without the problem that I describe?
Hello Psag,

Just wondering how things turned out for you. When you have a chance please post an update.

Here's the followup: I sent the DAC2 back to EMM, and they were able to do the update. Maybe a problem with my PC, or I didn't do the update correctly. In any case, the unit now works flawlessly. Thanks to EMM for superb customer service.
BTW, anyone into high end digital needs to hear the latest EMM offerings. Incredible sound.
Just want to thank you for the update Psag. If you don't mind, please describe the sonic difference you are hearing with the new software update.