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Do prefer a black or silver faceplate?
Depends on the gear, my high end 2 channel rig? I like silver.For HT I prefer black as it is visually less likely to stand out during a film. 
Best amplification for Monitor Audio PL300
I had the Gold 300's while I was in New Zealand and they were great with a Plinius amp. 
Krell 707 vs Theta Casablanca 4
BTW What is the rest of your system? 
Krell 707 vs Theta Casablanca 4
Wow, 'good' is a little soft at this level......I have owned most every high end pre-pro ever made (except the Theta) tho I have heard it in several very 'good' systems.The Krell Evo 707 is amazing, and if I wasn't getting divorced and needed quic... 
Transparent Cables and Bi-wiring to Vandersteens
I would have used the MM2's for the upper end and the Ultralink for the bass taps if it was me….. 
I second Prcinka,Nothing beats EMM Labs.I had their TSD1/DAC2 SE combo and you simply cannot beat it. Hell, CD's sound better than SACD's from and Oppo!Not to bash Oppo, use one myself as it is the best Blu-ray player made but when you want true h... 
When/if the necessary bandwidth becomes available all 'silver disc spinners' will be doorstops.Doggiehowser, feel your pain having lived in NZ last year but here in the states we still are unlimited The only problem is bandwidth, I don't want to h... 
Blade vs S5 vs Avior vs Hansen's Prince E's
You have many speakers that all sound very different to my ears, you need to go listen to them, take up the previous posters offer. Fly to NYC and spend a day or two listening to all of them and decide for yourself! 
Suggestions For A Good USB Digital Cable
I've had great results with the Transparent USB cable 
Krell EVO 302 or 302e
I suspect you are wrong Audiolabyrinth as Krell has already pulled the Evo line from it's website.These are the new Krell amps, the Evo's are gone! 
Krell EVO 302 or 302e
In the Evo line of amps, the more power they have the better they sound, Dan explained it to me once why, but we were at dinner and wine was involved so I cannot recall the reason.FWIW you might want to wait a bit as Krell is showing all new amps ... 
Canton reference 1.2 DC
YG acoustics and Magico are really nice, Magico's are a bit flat for me though. I ran my Sasha's with a Krell Evo 403e and it was plenty of power for them, I actually was playing it rather loud one day and melted the voice coil of the tweeter….. 
Canton reference 1.2 DC
Either way you go, both will need big amps. While Wilson lists their speakers as dome 95 dB sensitive, they drop to sick low impedance and need really powerful amps, Canton's need it for the inefficiency. I suspect you are right and the larger spe... 
Krell Evolution 400e
I have not had the 400e mono's, but had the 403 and 403e, hell yes they have the slam you want and the bass control you expect from Krell, not like the 600's or 900's but you are looking at a different price point. They are much more musical than ... 
Canton reference 1.2 DC
I might be able to help…..I have had the Vento Ref 809's, Ref 3.2's, and Wilson Sasha W/P's all in my system for months plus each.The Ref 3.2's are a warmer speaker than the Sasha's, they have more depth to the bottom end, and (up to high levels) ...