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Are Avalon still in Bussines
Nice speakers btw! 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
No problem as long as the dealer discloses who they are. What I find extremely unprofessional is when a manufacturer posts about their products and makes subjective comments of any kind. Especially when  in a comparitive nature to other competitiv... 
BAT preamp: Rex to Rex-2 upgrade
Thank you Jafant. As for many of us the system has been  a work in progress . Since the listing of my system in this post I've been lucky enough to have made other significant  improvements to an already fine system.  I don't think with my age &am... 
Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
Balanced Audio Technology ..BAT..REX - mono-block amps feeds them 
Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
Hello Steve,I think with your ceiling being too low it kind of rules out the Isis for you. This is from word of mouth and from what I remember reading about the Time in a review, but the Times actually has more mid-bass energy than the Isis and it... 
BAT preamp: Rex to Rex-2 upgrade
Glad to hear you're enjoying the upgrade! How many hours do you have on it?  It has been 3+ years with my REX 2 and I'm still loving it! 
Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
This was another concern for me when going from the ED to the Isis. The Isis turned out to be an easier load for my Bat Rex amps than the Eidolon Diamond.  
Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
Hello hugos7 and siddh.Thought I would share my experience with you. This coming Oct. will be 2 years for me with the Isis.  *WOW*    I also had the Eidolon Diamonds for a little over 10 yrs.  Like siddh I thought my room wouldn't be able to handl... 
What is the single best pre amp you have ever hear
Bat Rex 2 followed by the ARC 40th Aniversary.  
Looking to upgrade pre amp and looking for suggestions
The BAT 51se would be a HUGE step up! I think you'd be blown away by the improvement. Good luck  
BAT Rex II VS Conrad Johnson ARTSA
Congratulations on your BAT Rex-2 amp!I'm currently using the BAT Rex -2 preamp with the orginal series BAT Rex mono-block amps and the sound is captivating !!! Hope to upgrade to the series 2 version someday. All the best 
Vandersteen 5 / Quatro Owners--anyone adding a third sub?
My guess would be adding the sub would do more harm than good.  John Ruttan from Audio Connection in NJ would be able to advise you. Great guy who is very knowledgeable on anything Vandersteen and will go the extra mile (buying or not)  to help. g... 
RF Interference - radio signal through my Transparent Cables.
Hi Adam,Nice  Dac! How do you like the EMM dac2x ?ThanksTom  
Nordost Odin or Valhalla 2
Hello Lalitk,"I started this thread to know if Nordost Odin or Valhalla's cables are worth the retail price."The answer to this will be different from person to person.   
Nordost Odin or Valhalla 2
Hello Lalitk,I posted the same question here and on Audio Asylum a while back but specifically regarding the V2/Odin speaker cables.  I finally got around to auditioning the Odin speaker cables over the last three days.  ...................  STAGG...