Electric bill any high

My electric bill has almost doubled since I added streamer and DAC. . How can I reduce consumption?

My Spectral amp and MIT Powerbar are plugged into the wall. My Spectral CD player, Spectral preamp, Aurender Streamer, and Berkeley DAC are plugged into s MIT Powerbar.

My preamp and DAC are always on. As is the Z powerbar. My CD player is on standby. I turn off the amp and streamer.

Is there snythungvi can do or do I just have to pay the Man for this expensive hobby.


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Get a kill-a-watt on Amazon a check. My system draws at idle -300w and a full on like 800w. Forgot what it is on standby



Is there snythungvi can do or do I just have to pay the Man for this expensive hobby.

There is snythungvi you can do indeed. Turn on stuff 15 mins before you start listening to music. Turn it off when you’re done/ don’t leave it running 24/7.

Did someone tell you that the sound quality skyrockets if you leave everything on 24/7? That’s another foolish myth.

Follow the bright orange extension cord running from your outdoor outlet through your fence to the neighbor’s yard.  Might not be obvious, the smarter ones bury it on your side.

I have all of my components plugged into a Furman Power Conditioner which shows how much power the entire system  (monoblocks,  preamp,  dac, streamer, cdt) is using at any time.  Whole system draws about 0.8 watts when in standby,  and about 1.2 watts when I'm listening.  I  don't know what your electric rates are,  but for me this equates to approximately $100 per year.  I  also have an Emporia monitor system installed in my main panel,  so I am able to monitor electrical use of all major appliances in the  house. Often,  when a major appliance begins to go bad,  it's electric use dramatically increases,  as others on this post have noted.  One surprising major user in my house is my media room electronics (separate from my two channel system. ) I can see a huge jump in usage when I turn on the 85 inch TV.