Egg carton for soundproofing?

Why can’t we use egg carton as soundproofing foam is a fairly often asked issue. Because of their shape and composition, egg cartons have a theoretically proven ability to act as sound absorbers. The egg carton’s jagged design scatters and deflects sound waves, which lessens echo and reduce the sound to certain frequencies. This soundproofing technique is just temporary and may not always yield the desired results. You can choose this for short-term use. However, it is always advised to purchase soundproofing items or materials from the market to achieve the necessary sound reduction coefficients, which vary depending on the material and thickness.

Egg cartons are inexpensive, easy to install and can be used to some extent for your studios and rooms.


Soundproofing a room is very different than acoustic treatment for optimizing sound quality WITHIN the room. Egg crates will be completely useless for soundproofing, which requires significant construction considerations.

But even for simple acoustic treatment, egg crates are of questionable efficacy. There is just not enough material in the thin egg crates, their pockets are not deep or random enough for good broadband diffusion, and the material itself isn't a great absorber compared to alternatives.

Try it but I’ll bet the room looks like crap afterwards.  I’m sure the wife or SO will be pleased with the decorations😂

Hope you have a lot of friends and family coming over for Christmas breakfast!

My wife is saving egg cartons to use for this purpose.I think we will glue them to foam core sheets and make panels to scatter around on our exercise room walls. It is mostly for the TV sound. she wants to spray paint them too. It will be funky.

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