Doubt about coil (inductor) and capacitor!

I currently have a Fostex 925A super tweeter that is connected with a Mundorf Supreme 2.2uf capacitor and a 1.5mH coil, resulting in a 9khz cut!
My doubt, if I want to cut at 14khz (Capacitor 1.5uf) can I keep the same 1.5mH coil or do I have to change it for a coil of another value?


(I apologize for my bad English. This has already caused me a lot of problems, so I hope you'll check with me if anything seems totally crazy or offensive!)



Why don't you try using XSim crossover simulator?  You can try out different combinations and see for yourself.





Hi Erik,
Thank you very much, I was not aware of this site you indicated!
I will watch carefully!


imhififan, in the Fostex 925A catalog it says 1.5mH! I bought this one!

If you have a resistor you can go up one bigger value a small step a time until 

it gives you the preferred result .

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