Does Anyone Know What is Up with High Fidelity Cables?

Does anyone know what is going on with High Fidelity Cables?  Lately they have had several sales with big discounts and I ordered a cable on October 3, yet to be delivered.  I have never received any information of any type from them and they only occasionally respond to my order update requests with a revised delivery date which they then do not meet.  This has been going on for over 8 weeks now and I wonder what the issue is.  I am told it is machining problems but concerned that the big sales, false promises, and failure to deliver are indicative of more serious problems.  Any insights will be appreciated.  Thank you.


This is the reason I am posting.  I have been contacting them for months now and all I get is excuses and a new delivery date that is never met.  I just thought someone might have some insight into this rather unusual situation.  Thanks.

I know at one point they were installing new machines for cable manufacturing this summer. May not have all the bugs worked out.

Would be nice if they were straight with you though.

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Yes, I agree that the holdup is non-beneficial to HFC but mostly on the backs of their customers.  After all, they have the use of our money since we paid when placing orders.  I just wonder why they held a big sale if they had not yet achieved a robust machining process to support the increased volume of orders.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster IMO.  Then again, perhaps it is something else they will not Reveal, pun intended.

I just wonder why they held a big sale if they had not yet achieved a robust machining process to support the increased volume of orders.

Probably because they needed the money. Many businesses are having problems right now. I hope you get your order soon. When you do, let them know about your dissatisfaction with their communications.

Well, I am also having concerns. I have left many phone messages and emails. No one ever returns the call or emails. Not a good sign.

I just wish they wouldn’t require the money up front. I will wait a little longer though to see if there is any type of reply before I invoke a refund.


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I waited a couple of months for my MC-0.5 and checked in periodically. They had installed new machinery and also experienced supply chain delays. I received my power conditioner and so did others on the forum (there is a thread in which we give each other updates). 

Some of us believe that new power conditioners were the first products to ship. I'm sure cables will follow. Sucks that they don't reply to you, but I don't think there's any financial trouble with the company.

Also have an order from HFC in progress, entering the eighth week since funds transferred and yet to ship. Cables and power conditioners. Not concerned at all. If it arrives before the new year I will be pleased.

I'm coming up on 3 months for GIK bass traps, ordered back in September. I'm guessing this is the law of the land for the next year of ordering products. 

@ozzy ,

Best to communicate with your wallet. Cancel the order. If you are still interested when the situation improves, then put the order back in.

The supply chain, and everything is a total mess now, and missing deliveries by months is unfortunately not unusual. Good communication is all you can hope for in these times. Keeping the full payment for months on end is not an acceptable business practice. I down payment to keep your place in the queue and cover losses if you don't pay when ready would be acceptable. They should not expect a customer to act as their bank.

Thanks for the responses so far.  I am not necessarily that concerned about the long lead times as it seems nearly everyone has them these days with the possible exception of Amazon who has their own delivery system.  For me the biggest issue as stated above by others is the total lack of communication and the false promises.  I wonder how many businesses with great products have gone belly up due to inadequate customer service.  As a good friend of mine who owns a silicone medical device business once said, "Price, quality, service.  Choose two."

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Did you try using the Chat feature on the website?

Also website says 3-4 week shipping...just saying

Well, wouldn't you know, I finally received an email from Casey that my Reveal power cable is shipping today.  They did promise to ship overnight and unfortunately it shipped ground 🙄, but who cares, a few more days matter little in the almost 60 days it took to ship.  So hopefully all those who also have orders with HFC will get their long-awaited products shortly.  I can say honestly that I have little stomach for another customer service experience at HFC but there are always used products from private parties.  Not to mention other upgrade paths like DACs, amps, tubes, other cables, and various tweaks.  I still maintain that HFC products represent some of the best sonic upgrades I have heard in 50 years of audio.

And to answer aniwolfe's question, yes, I did try the Chat and sometimes they responded (Brit and Casey) but it was sporadic.

Best of luck to all.

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No excuse for going weeks or months without returning calls or emails from customers - that is just disrespecting the customer. 

Lol!  They will get payback by calling you every single day for the next 6 months with an order update.

I have waited for my orders all so. But they did arrive and very happy with them. Keep checking in with Casey good luck. 

Agree, no excuse for not replying about an order. But these are strange times which have never been experienced before.

Going back a year or more, Rick used to reply to my emails personally. When he introduced his new product line he told me to call him so he could give me a thorough explanation of the technology. I believe he's a standup guy and currently they're overwhelmed.

Good evening fellow magnet addicts!

@rlawry - Thank you for your support and understanding as we fulfilled your Reveal power cable order. I do hope the long lead times and lack of follow up does not deter you from future interest as we arrange our ducks back in a row. 

@lowrider57 - I'm with you, there is simply no excuse for not replying or confirming a customers order. If you (or anyone else reading this) have experienced a delay in response, please contact me directly here --> I would be happy to share order updates and assist with any general questions one might have while navigating our ever-increasing product lines. 

While I am admittedly working through a bit of a backlog, I strive to be available in a timely manner for anyone who reaches out. No question or concern is too small, so please feel free to contact me at any time. 


Thank You!



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My life, as with most people, is filled with work, demands, problems, and activities.  I use music and audiophilia as an escape, a respite, a rest, a distraction from all of these worldly issues, and I value these relatively infrequent moments greatly.  To have music wash over me is cathartic and therapeutic.  To have audiophilia become just another problem in my life and not provide an escape is hugely undesirable.  No product performance, no improvement in sound, no great value, no huge price discount, nothing is worth the loss of my escape.

Casey, You have treated me well in the past.

But now, I do not understand why someone cannot answer the phone, return a call or reply to emails after 2 weeks of daily calling for an order update.


You know, I was in the medical device business for 40 years and had my own company for 20 years.  My customer service model was to contact customers regularly without their having to contact me, especially if an order were late.  I know this model has largely gone by the wayside with online info, emails, chat windows, and lean staffing, and it has become more difficult to obtain information like order status.  By no means is HFC unique regarding the complaints listed above but in my mind the old school customer service would benefit any company with regular customer communications, whatever "regular customer communications" comprises.

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I just received an email with an order update! So perhaps things are improving.

High Fidelity has always had very good innovated quality products, too bad the communications became so lax. Hopefully it will be progress from here onward


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@ozzy I sent an email the other day asking nps 1260 would be back in stock and shipping issue.

Jennifer responded the next day said about 2 weeks for nps to be back in stock, also shipping about 3 to 4 weeks due to supplies to finish the completing the build on mc05 s. 

Not sure why some here are not getting responses but I did. I want to order a mc 1 but thats why I emailed, like most of you I dont want to pay today and wait a mth or more for my product to arrived in my hand. I deffinitely understand the frustration. 

Happy Listening. 🎶


           I agree I was in sales for 27yrs my attitude was always if possible keep the customer up to date on all about their product or situation to keep the stress level to a minium.

Even if they emailed once every week on progress it would payoff in the end for them. But Im talking in a perfect world we are far from that dream. 

Happy Listening 🎶

This would help what I discover this morning, High Fidelity has a chat room, I chat with Jessica to check my needs , Jessica is unbelievable, All my transaction we’re all taking care of.She is a good addition to their team.i would suggest chatting with her , any needs you have.

YES!!!!! THEY DO!!!! Rich Schultz, High Fidelity Cables, Ultimate Reference RCA Interconnect & Professional Series Speakers.... and, AND GORGEOUS!!!

Just got an email yesterday with all HFC products are now 60% off.  And if you by a "signature" product they will upgrade to "3D" for free.

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Supply chain issue are going to effect HFC more than most other companies, so perhaps give them a bit more slack than normal.

For example, the original CT-1 RCA connector has over 40 parts (for a single connector!)

This is not off the shelf stuff, all of it is custom made dealing with dozens of suppliers.