Denafrips Terminator 2 bs. ?

should read vs. not bs. TYPO   I can’t seem to be able to edit the title.  Sorry 

I am strongly, considering the terminator to 12th anniversary.
I did some research Red reviews, and a friend of mine actually has the plus which he loves my system consist of a Parasound halo amp and preamp all Morrow series 6 cables, and PBN speakers

for $5000. Do you think there is anything I should strongly consider without making this an impossible task

they currently have a Gustard X 26 pro which I will be replacing



I do not believe there is a 15.  May be a misprint. Where did you see this? The website shows all of their newest equipment and Alvin Chee the owner is very helpful with matching the correct equipment for your system. There is no upsell 

Thank you for responding

Iam sure the explanation is simple

I'll contact them directly ..



As a long time Denafrips user I find the above link very interesting and quite surprising. A picture is worth a thousand words so unless the photo has been photo shopped it seems there is still another new version of the Terminator.  It also seems like an explanation from Denafrips/Vinshine is in order.

@bcrock did you contact and hear back from Denafrips/Vinshine?  There is not too much chatter about this “new version” that I have seen, which if true, is suprising