How good is an Oppo BDP-83 as a transport? To be used with Denafrips Ares DAC

for CD, DVD and Blue-ray.

Should I consider another player or is it not a big deal?

I expect arrival of the Ares in August.

Thank you,

The BDP-83 will work as a Transport and in my opinion sound alright, however with a dedicated Transport you will hear more of everything.
If you don't want to spend additional funds, relax and enjoy the music, there will always be a better sounding product available regardless of what you do.
Thanks lak 

I guess I will find out for myself anyway. 

As a stand alone player the Oppo is pretty average and I started wondering just how bad is it? I have never owned a separate DAC before so I never looked into this in the past...
philjolet OP

The Oppo has DVD mech/laser assembly, I have always found dedicated CD transports to sound the best for Redbook cd replay, something like the $600aud Cambridge Audio CXC cd only transport.

Cheers George
an interesting bit of information George but I really care about the sound of movies as well as music CDs.

Machina Dynamica's New Dark Matter worked wonders in my Oppo 105.

Definitely worth the small amount of money it costs
Phil the Ares is very very good DAC, I have one.I used Cambridge’s transport, With your bdp83 , I think you will have good result, the better the cables, the Ares shines, that’s how good it is...
jayctoy glad to hear you enjoy your Ares. I expect I will be very happy with it as well. I will be using a Neotech ND021090 digital coax cable.