Decware Sarah 300B Amp?

Fellow Audio Fanatics - 


For the record, I’m set with my current two systems. I’ve got one push-pull tube system in my living room and a class a solid state system in my office. They’ve taken a few years to build. Overall, I’m happy and plan to live with them for a long time… 


That said, a long time doesn’t mean “forever.”


Which brings me to the Decware Sarah 300B amp I’ve been reading about and listening to audio snippets on. As I’ve made my way through this audio journey, I’m sensing my end-state might be moving towards the direction of an amp like the Decware 300B. From what I gather, it seems to deliver a lush and immersive presentation that feels like it could easily replace my solid state system and give me more enjoyment as I paddle towards retirement. 

Has anyone heard this amp? Or provide a point of view on Decware amps in general? 

I’m thinking of putting myself on the list, forgetting about it for the three+ years it will take to get one, and purchasing it when it’s available in 2027 (I can’t believe we are so far into this century already). Of course I’d need to get a different pair of speakers, which isn’t that of big deal to me financially. I’d probably sell off my current office system and bring in the Decware 300B and perhaps some Zu speakers. 

I welcome your feedback and impressions on Decware! 

For reference, my systems are below: 

Main - in the living room 

  • Innuos Zenith 
  • Merason Dac1 
  • Linear Tube Audio Microzotl preamp 
  • Switch between Audio Hungary P200 tube amp with KT150 tubes 
  • And Conrad Johnson classic 120 with EL34 tubes 
  • Puritan 156 
  • Cables: mix of Cardas Clear, LessLoss, Kimber Kable Palladian PK10 / Speaker Cables - Cardas 
  • Speakers: QLN Prestige 3 / Dynaudio Heritage Specials


Office - smaller room 

  • Luxman 590axii 
  • Buchardt S400 mkii 
  • Goldnote Streamer 
  • Lessloss cables 



@danager You left something off:  "All Decware amplifiers come with a 30 day in-home trial with a 10% restocking fee."  So 10% non-refundable deposit or a 10% restocking fee.  Buyer beware.

So if I wait 4.5 years and don't like it I can return it within 30 days?   And it will only cost $450 to try it?  Or cost $450 because I've grown impatient or die ?   Sign me up.  

can't say enough good things about Decware and Steve. Great company and great products. I do not own a Sarah, but purchased one of the first SV84 amps with the grey steel box - great sound - back when they were first released. I went through one other one and now have a Torii Jr. Also have his Phono Pre-amp and his 8" open Baffle speaker - now discontinued I think. As others have suggested, sign up for the forum - there is a separate thread on the 300B.Tube cost has also prevented me from buying one, but I am happy with my Torii.

As a Decware owner, not the Sarah, they do make some fantastic sounding amplifiers.  Their waitlist is crazy-long now, but occasionally used pieces come up for sale. Due to that, the secondary market prices are basically the same as new prices. That can be a good thing if you don’t like losing money on gear. 

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Decware amps, but I’ve got to wonder how much of that admiration comes from the exclusivity due to their wait times.

If you could order one from them and get them in a week, would they still be so revered?