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The evolution of Proac Tablette speakers?
I’ve tried a few different ones:  JAS Audio Array 1.2 as an amp (50 watt SET), SMSL VMV A1, a 2A3 amp and right now the latest Fosi monoblocks. I think they sounded the best with the SMSL amp.    
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
I think the high end audio industry is unknown to the general public.  I spent over 22 years in the service and came across a huge number of people and yet met zero audiophiles.  Come to think of it, even after I retired I’ve come across zero audi... 
Why don't streaming services offer album liner notes?
Thanks, ghdprentice. I’ll have to start looking for those.  
Watts! How many do we need?
I don't think you need that many watts to drive most speakers.  I was using a 10 watt class A amp to drive a pair of Super Tablettes (86 db I think) in a 13x14 listening room with zero issues.  So then I thought, "What the hell!" and put in my 2A3... 
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
Your system (and setup) from the photo looks great!  I bet it's a very enjoyable listen. I'm of the mind that cables can make a difference, but it is a very subtle one at best, regardless of price paid.  Having said this, I've never paid tens of ... 
Leaving tube amps on.
What I generally do with tubed gear, which I've done for eons, is turn the gear on around dinner-time (if I plan to listen to music) and off after listening.  On the weekends I'll turn them on earlier and leave on all day and off before bed.    
Decware Sarah 300B Amp?
I’ve heard nothing but good things about Decware amps, but I’ve got to wonder how much of that admiration comes from the exclusivity due to their wait times. If you could order one from them and get them in a week, would they still be so revered?  
Cool running, low powered power amp
I have the Aleph 2s but in my small room they raise the temp too much, except in the dead of winter.  I swapped in the SMSL VMV A1, a fantastic, 10 watt class A amp that generates no heat compared to the Pass gear. It'll have you questioning the ... 
Should Speaker Manufactures provide a Frequency Response Graph?
The graph, response, etc of a review has always bored me to tears.  I don’t care about them at all. If a review went from specs to the conclusion, I’d be ok with that. As the the Tekton lawsuit…what a weenie!  Reviewers should tell it as they he... 
How to answer questions posted on virtual systems?
Got it.   Thank you.    
Are You A Disciplined Audiophile?
Nope. Scatterbrains, here.  Constant change.  
Top 3 BT Earbuds??
Hey, Brett. First, when you say “earbud” what do you mean?  Are you referring to those things that sit just outside the ear canal and hang there?  Or are you referring to IEMs that go into the ear canal, creating a seal? Will you need to be able... 
Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy
Just get a piece of wood, cut it to length, and place it underneath the PC to release the stress of the weight on the plugs.  It doesn’t matter what outlet you get, the weight of the PC will cause it to droop unless you prop it up with something.  
Headphones for a noisy household
I’d go with a Fiio BTR7 and an Etymotic ER4 XR.   I have a S22 with Qobuz and the aforementioned setup.  The Etys aren’t noise cancelling but work well in cutting out outside noises.  Any other IEM will work as well. And if IEMs aren’t your thin... 
The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change
ahuvia, thanks for sharing your thoughts.   ggch, I totally agree with the last sentence of your post. jjss49, and with your post this thread can be closed. Thanks all for your input and suggestions.