Dad's Estate: Where best to get approx. $$ values for selling high-end stereo equipment?

My Dad was an audiophile and ham radio opr.  He loved his music and seems he bought a lot of high-end pieces.  In particular, so far upon a quick glance, he had (now me to sell) a Soundcraftsmen Amp, Model MA5002  (have sold for $300 and $600 for same thing on eBay) and two beautiful JBL speakers (woofers?), Acoustic Research Model AR-1W.  They are very tall and heavy with beautiful walnut wood case and look pristine.  Also have a Soundcraftsmen Equalizer, Model RP 2212 (just sold 1 of 2).  Everything looks pristine.  Where is best place to go online to get a FAIR selling value - to sell, I guess, on eBay???  (Or, is there a better place?).  I am not knowledgeable about this equipment and want to get a fair price and not be "low balled".  Thank you.
Soundcraftsmen was very well known for there EQ's back in the day...70's-80's. Not so much there amplifiers.

This place is located in Austin TX and they have the Largest selection of vintage gear I have ever seen! The guys name is Robert Johnson too ...LOL. Maybe he could help..hes very nice.

Matt M
All of the pieces that you mention were good in their time, but not state of the art, and they were also plentiful. It is a plus if they are in great condition, because they are more desirable to vintage collectors in good shape, but they are not items that would be in demand on this website, probably best to try ebay. Dust them off and take nice pictures, and see what you can get after you set a reasonable minimum.   
Sorry for your loss.  Search for preowned stereo shops in your area. There's usually one in each major city it seems.  

If you father had albums you might find those have more value than the equipment, depending on what he had.
Thank you ALL for some xln't suggestions - it is very much appreciated.  And yes, he had a LOT of albums - mostly classical, however, and pop music of the day ... 40s, 50s, 60s.  Guess I've got some work to do!!
@arlinek, sorry to hear about your dad.
We also have a Vintage Category on Audiogon.
If you would like to learn more, send a request to (attention: Tammy) and I will be glad to help. We also have a Bluebook that can help price these items if you are interested. Wishing you only the best.