Cordless subwoofers?

Looking for factual information from those that use cordless subwoofers.
How well do they work?
Any negative reasons not to go cordless?
I appreciate any knowledge you can pass on...
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Nothing I can detect. I'm running two Rythmik F25s and two SVS SB13 Ultras. One of each is wireless. 
Starting at $600, Paradigm has fantastic subs that have Wireless Capability with the additional purchase of an add on module that plugs in the back.  
The Defiance Series Subs also have App Control via Bluetooth that allow you to set up the sub from your listening position.  You can run up to four subs individually in one system with the App.  
All this along with Anthem ARC Genesis Room Correction built in.  Starting at $999, the Defiance X Series subs are made in Canada.

No delays or lag in timing at all?
If you don't mind me asking, what subs are you using?


I have four subs in my two channel system and two are connected wirelessly. No issues at all.
@crn3371, thank you for the correction, I meant to say wireless ;-)
I plan on adding one, eventually, two subwoofers to my main two-channel audio system and I didn't realize that wireless systems existed for subwoofers until I began to do some research on the topic.
Does anyone have any information they can direct my way regarding wireless subwoofers in a two-channel audio system pros and/or cons?
First, some terminology correction. You’re looking for wireless, not cordless, as the subwoofer will still need a power cord. I’ve been running a wireless subwoofer in my TV system for close to 10 years without any issues. Using the Rocketfish wireless subwoofer kit. Ballpark $100 at BestBuy.