Connecting Bluesound Node 2i to remote stereo system over WIFI -

dumb question - I have my Node 2i set up on my Livingroom stereo - direct rca interconnect connection.  I want to connect it also to a system I have downstairs. I have it set up now via bluetooth - which works, but drops out and is buggy.
   Is there a simple and low cost wifi attach devise that I can use in place of blutooth that I don't have to constantly restore the connection to?

thanks in advance!
Just buy a $25 repeater. WiFi in, ethernet to 2i.
They suck with a phone because it's another SSID but with ethernet you only log in once.
Or do WiFi right and get a nice system.
If you have the newer Node model, it has 5ghz network capability.
Try setting it to that and see if the drop outs stop.
Dougsat, you're right. The adapter you referenced is possibly better, but you have to have a sender attached at the node2i end. I was hoping the node2i could broadcast over wifi, then I only need a wifi receiver (with a day built in)  touched to my downstairs system.

I don't have a Node 2i but I do have two Node 2's.  With the Node 2, the Wi-Fi reception was downright lousy.   It worked okay if it was a few feet away but more than 8 feet reception became pretty bad and some days it didn't work at all.  It does work quite well with a hardwire internet cable though. 

I'd return them both if I could as they do not work as advertised but the BS folks tell me this is a normal behavior. 
^^^ What he said. I have two Powernodes for in walls. When I connected to home s2 ch system there was a noticeable degradation with WiFi plus lots of dropouts. I finally hardwired them.
My node 2i sits next to my router and is connected via Ethernet, not WiFi. What I’m trying to do is broadcast to a remote room system. The Bluetooth connection from the node works, and sounds fine (for my purposes), but it drops the connection from time to time, and it’s not as easy as I  would like to get the Bluetooth receiver reconnected. I was thinking if I could buy a cheap WiFi receiver with its own dac that could sit next to the remote system it would be perhaps more reliable. I haven’t spotted such a connection in the node manual though.
The Node 2i doesn't do what you want it to do via wifi. Maybe a Bluetooth range extender would help with dropouts. Best of luck.
The SVS unit offers a 45 day in home trial with free shipping and returns. Seems like it’s worth a try for what you are looking for.
@melvinjames - thanks - that answers the short question.  I have swapped out to a different bluetooth receiver and will see if it performs better (on the theory the issue isn't in the Node 2i).  I also spotted a long range bluetooth receiver that I may try as well.

@dougsat - I actually have a unit similar to the SVS and it works great.  (I'm using one for the rear speakers in my HT system, and have a spare).  I will try it out if the bluetooth receiver upgrade doesn't work.

thanks again to both of you.