Competent electronics tech in the Milwaukee area

Can anyone suggest a competent electronics technician in the Milwaukee area that can replace a few capacitors in a 30 y.o. old digital tuner?  Thanks!
If north Chicago-land counts as the Milwaukee area for you, absolutely go to Stereo Rehab. Casper is phenomenal.
110% agree with bgoeller. Just recently picked up a Sansui AU7700 that Casper and Nate at Stereo Rehab bought back to life for me. Cool little studio/shop on the northwest side of Chicago. Should be an easy commute from Milwaukee.
I communicated with Stereo Rehab about my tuner and they felt that the modifications I was interested in making to the power supply/caps, and signal capacitors wasn't worth the expense considering the questionable improvement they would bring to the audio quality.  Pretty honest opinion considering they could have easily charged me $150-$200 for the work.
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