Compatibility with Blusound Vault backup

Ive had this setup for several years and am frustrated with the constant connectivity issues with two nodes. My vault is also acting up and tech service requests take weeks to respond - thanks to their international fan base I suspect.

I have a packed vault backup and would like to upgrade. Is there a solution yet? I know this wasn’t the case earlier. Can the vault backup be transferred to another superior brand streamer?



One response from BS :

“A network power reset should resolve this.

  • Turn off all players and other network-attached devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones – Airplane mode can be enabled).
  • Unplug any wireless extenders or repeaters you may have in your home.
  • Unplug your router. Wait for 30 seconds and plug in again.
  • Wait for 5 minutes (important – do NOT skip the wait time).
  • Turn on all wireless extenders or repeaters and wait for 5 minutes. (Skip this step if you do not have an extender/repeater).
  • Turn on all players and network-attached devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones – Airplane mode needs to be disabled).
  • Relaunch the BluOS App.

This will clear your network router's cached addresses.

Home network best practices with all IoT devices (not just Bluesound) suggest you should probably do this periodically.”


Doing this every month is a royal pain.

Anyone else have to unplug and plug sh!t constantly?!

Changed from the Vault to Aurender N10 move my backup hard drive works fine 

Can the data from BS hardrive be transferred? Is there a hack for their firewall?

Don’t want to go through loading 4k discs again .



A hard drive is just a data reservoir. It only needs to be transferred if it is failing.

I have an Aurender N200 and was able to copy my Vaults rip through a PC on the network. 



  The data from the Vault can be transferred to any HD.  I did this several years ago with the help of an IT guy.  He had to make a call to Bluesound as the process wasn’t intuitive.

  I didn’t scrub the Vault and left it connected to my LAN by Ethernet.  Although the files from the Vault now reside on my Melco server, some of my streamers recognize the Vault as an accessory HD and the files play.

That’s good to know 

My mistake, I thought files in the BS back up drive could only be used by BS hardware.

Thanks to everyone for your help 

Wil look at melco going forward 

Just to follow up. After spending days swapping cables, exchanging tubes, replacing dac, changing amps, I had learned from BS that there was a system wide faulty update that caused the problem. The new update seems to have miraculously fixed the problem.

Rather than starting a new thread, on another note, does anyone know if these devices can acquire a virus. Makes me reconsider shelling out for higher end stuff some well over 3k.