Comments on Audio Note CD Players

Any comments on the Audio Notes CD players? They seem to be an underdog. How would, say, the 3.1x compare to the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 CD player or the like? Non-digital, non-fatiguing sound is very important. How would the Audio Note mate with a tubed preamp and hybrid amp? Thanks!
Budrew, I cannot comment on the sound of the AN vs. EMC-1 but I can tell you that the AN DAC 1.2 (1,100.00 kit) gives my 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression (8,200.00) a SERIOUS run for the money. The inexpensive(?) DAC 1.2 is slightly warmer sounding overall, but totally non fatiguing and very musical. I can only assume the AN DAC 3.1 with trans coupling, etc. takes the design to the next level.
I have a 2.1 cd player and find it to be excellent. It is not as good as the 3.1x balanced dac and CEC transport that I have in another system but has the same signature- very open with little glare.
I, too, own a 2.1x CD player. It is the first digital gear that I've had in my system that I can tolerate for long periods of time. Tracks I listen to are often lengthy (classical and jazz music) and for the first time, I do not find myself reaching for the remote. I would say its qualities are naturalness and openness; lots of resonance when reproducing acoustic instruments — which of course adds to the sense of pulse and liveliness; detail which involves me emotionally; an almost complete absence of digital 'glare' (which I abhor more than anything when it comes to CDs); and tunefulness (to my ears the audio note products sound more in tune than others I've heard — for example, piano reproduction, as well as voice is quite wonderful). Also, I find that older CDs as well as CDs containing music recorded in the fifties and sixties (classical, jazz, rock and roll, etc.) sound more natural on the CD2.1x than with other CD/processors I've used.

I still prefer the sound of vinyl on a first-class turntable, however, to my ears the audio note CD player I own is not inferior to my analog rig, only different. I haven't thought that before about other affordable digital products I've tried.
I still have an AN-CD2, I lived with the CD3.

These are fantastically musical players. Full textured, musical. The CD2 somewhat warm in some systems. The CD3 a little bright. But at the pricepoint noithing I tried sounded so much like music. I tried the EMC, loved it, it had a bigger soundstage and power, but the Audio Note sounded more believable in harmonic structure. I think I just like tube players.

I haven't heard the 2.1, but the 2 lacks some drive when used with big full range speakers.

It took a BAT D5 to displace the CD2 and CD3. I you want to try a CD2, email me.
Thanks for all of the helpful comments. I'm also curious about the Audio Note DACs, but there seem to be so many variations on the theme. Are there any web sites that outline all of them and compares them?
Call a dealer to get the info. Try joe at JC audio. He has alot of experience with all levels even up to the looney tunes priced Dac 5.
I have been recommended Audio Note CD player Model 3.1 ..
I can,t find information or review ... can some one help
I have owned the 3.1x and the 2.1x (my cdp now) and think the 2.1x is the best I have ever owned and I have owned
a lot.
Just cannot place my finger on why I think it is better
than the 3.1 but it just seems to be lighter on it's feet!
Very easy to listen to all the time, open & airy and
just plain musical.