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Vandersteen 7s
Or he didn't want to embarrass Wilson!! 
Vandersteen 7s
The review was very positive but why didn't he compare them to his Wilson's even though they cost more. I thought that was strange. Always helpful when a reviewer compares the subject to something else. 
Recommend speakers for a restaurant sound system
speakers are not nearly as important as the amp. Speakers need to be evenly spaced throughout. You need something like a Sonance 12 channel amp so there is a separate amp for each pair of speakers...this makes a huge difference! I've done several ... 
How is it ? that a tuner smokes the table ???
96.3, 90.7, 93.9 and 88.3 all are pretty good sound and the different shows really teach you about new music. One of my favorites is the Moonshine show on Sunday...not sure which station though. They played from Ramblin' Boy by Charlie Haden with ... 
How is it ? that a tuner smokes the table ???
Same thing here with my Scott 310E...better or equal to my digital..this tuner is light years better than a Modaferri modded MR71. There are about 4 real quality stations here in NYC. 
Any audiophile who is on blood pressure medication
Larry, Tell us more about how we consume more drugs than other countries please. I'm a big believer that most doctors would rather give a drug to deal with symptoms than deal with the cause and eliminate the problem. That's how we deal with proble... 
McIntosh MC-60 Amplifiers He has done many of these and does factory service for Audio Research, Pass and Audio Note among others. 
What is your favorite material for loudspeakers?
Solid wood all the way. My Audio Note speaker cabs are custom made using Indian mahogany which is the same species as Cuban mahogany. Water stain, shellac and Sutherland Welles tung oil. More volume...more natural..more bass...more tweet...kind of... 
What Power Cords Work Best with Audionote Amps
I have had AN Kageki's, Kegon's and an old Ongaku along with other AN gear. The nicest is the Kondo silver power cord if you can find one. I have had several all silver ones made that are also good. Not sure who make a silver one now but the amps ... 
Difference between REL II and III in Strata storm?
I think the III was sealed while the II was ported. I have read about many people preferring the Strata III to the more expensive REL's. has reviews of both and liked the cheaper Strata. 
300b vs. NOS mullard el34- both amps in push pull
Get some of the new KT77's. They are as good as the old Mullards if not better. I thought they were in my Eastern Electric M520...better than XF1 with the big base. 
Techs in NYC - I need names
Ben at High End Audio Repair in Brooklyn at 718-377-8010. Factory service for Audio Research, Pass, MBL, Pathos, Audio Note and others. 
Micropure Kotaro
Sounds amazing. It uses a Murata super tweeter and a solid wood cabinet of tiger maple and mahogany. Tiny but a big articulate musical sound. Sounds better as the volume goes up. I'm using them in a small 2 channel home theatre. 
Vandersteen 5A's pics finished in kewazinga??
I think dolphin has a pair. Use the member look up. 
DPS/Schroeder Ref. Turntable
I had the DPS and loved it. Very dynamic and lively. I know Willi Bauer who makes the table and I'm sure you would have no problem if you needed a repair. I compared the DPS to a Kuzma Reference. Same arm and cartridge No contest. Sold the Kuzma r...