Columbia House Lives Again

Of course, if vinyl is coming back we will need a resurrected Columbia House.  According to the Wall Street Journal today, such is in process.  I grew up with Columbia, in fact about 70% of my 15,000 records came from them.  It was helped by the fact I worked for CBS and had easy and cheap access to their offerings. Yes, Adele 25 is now the top selling vinyl album, followed by Miles Blue in second place.   Sadly, Miles, somethings do change, at least for a while.  But that means millennials are buying into vinyl, a good thing.
So, how many of you out there were Columbia House junkies?
When I was a kid we used to have Columbia House. I remember you could buy 10 records for 10 dollars. The catch was you had to buy so many records at retail plus shipping. It never made much sense at the time but that was 40 years ago. Maybe the new program they have will be more advantageous.

Like Taters, this was around when I was young.  Was terribly abused.  Kids I knew would sign up as James Bond (honestly), as an example, and get the initial 10 LPs, then never fulfill the obligation.  Seems was a flawed model then, maybe a flawed model now too.  
I think it's hard to take an old concept from 40 years ago and try to make it work today. I personally don't see it.

13 records for a pennie!  And all you need to do is buy 8 more records for 10 times what you would pay for them at Korvetts.  
Back in the day you could cheat Columbia House and others like it.
In a digital world where you credit score can make or break you 
don't even think about it .
I was always between BMG and Columbia House. Got many great titles and even re-sold some with profit.
Not sure of vinyl they handle now. 
I had them both at one point.  The CDs were fine, but the vinyl pressings did not seem to be particularly good.  Did they do their own pressings?