Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Brecksville,Ohio. No need for a TV or multi-channel sound needed here.GREETINGS! Tom

Canton, Ohio. No interest in HT. My Apogee Stages provide all the "surround sound" I need.
Bozo I'm with you. Movies are just fine through my stereo set up.
I'm not into those types of movies that have jets, choppers etc. any-
way. I once saw a movie at a theater and there was a guy standing
on a beach gazing out at the ocean and the "really cool" effects
had the water sounds behind you. When's the last time you stood
in front of a body of water and the sounds of the waves were behind you. If there is a movie I want to see on the big screen, and
there's not many, I'll go to the Cinemark. I was at a local A/V store
recently and one of the salesman said he couldn't understand why
us Stereo Stalwarts had a problem with muti-channel set ups. He
said just switch your DPL A/V receiver, if that's what you have, into
two channel mode and listen away. It may sound good to him but
there are compromises in that design, no thanks. I just really think
this HT thing is a bunch of CRAP!
Hi Tom youngstown area here,only two audio stores here and they both STINK. I love two channel only way to go. any interested audio people in my area please contact
I'm in Akron and love vinyl. I just got a new Music Hall MMF-9, my preamp tweaked and a new pair of JM labs Electra 926's.Life is good.
Geneva Oh. Addicted to Two Channel. Are there any good shops around anymore? They all seem to close.
I live in the Cleveland area. I use strictly 2 channels for music listening. When I go to a concert I feel that that is the way I hear the sound. The orchestra or band is in front of me. The sounds from the side and rear are echoes, and people coughing. I don't feel I'm missing anything in 2 channels.
I have a cool setup on my home theater system, though. I wasn't going to get a surround system originally. I have a wonderful Sansui G8000 receiver I use on that system. 120W per channel, separate power supplies for each channel all the way back to separate windings on the transformer for each channel. On this system I also have a Luxman PD-375 TT, a Sony DTC1000ES DAT, a TEAC 6010GSL, an Onkyo Integra DX708 CD player, and a Denon DRM-710 cassette deck. Mostly I use this system for listening to music. Last summer at a garage sale I found a Sony ES surround amp. This is a really nice unit that has an amp for the surround and center channels and line level outputs for the fronts with steering logic for all 5 channels. It has stereo rear channels, not mono like on most Mid-Fi junk. The Sansui has a 4 channel adapter bus on it, so I have the surround connected there. Now, when I watch a movie or Star Trek Enterprise, I push the 4 channel adapter switch and turn on the surround decoder. I have very convincing 4 channel surround (I don't bother with the center channel) for movies, and I switch it out for listening to music.

Cuyahoga County Audiophiles, Gathering two channel audiophiles together to compare and contrast systems and opinions toward advancing audio reproduction.Lets all get together and hear what each other is pursueing,and to what ends.Outside of Cuyahoga-no discrimination:all 2 channel persons welcome! Tom
Count me in. I'll be moving from Cleveland to Parma in two weeks. I'll like to get together and hear some different setups. I'm especially interested in high-sensitivity/high-efficiency set-ups, low power, single driver, horns, etc. I'm a panel-head and would like to hear something different! Though I would really like to hear any setup. I'd like to get some ideas on a possible new direction in which to takemy system. Shoot me an email through the audiogon system. Thanks.

Parma, OH
Hi......Glad to hear from you if you would like to give me a name is Tim..thank you.
im in west side of cleveland. cant' believe how bad cleveland is when it comes to audio. audiocraft yeah theres a store thats withit. that place sucks. i can't believe that is the best store in cleveland. whats the problem here. why arn't there more choices. i know we have Play It again Sams . which he is good but we need to have more when it comes to brand new stuff. stuff that is in stock ready to go and hear. i have yet to be able to go anywhere in cleveland to hear what a 300b amp sounds like. thats how bad it is.
sorry for going off but something needs to be done.
Well, You will find some rude associates in Strongsville Audivisions, and also some Logans, B&W and Tara Labs products, Dynaudio is represented only by autoproducts on Miles Rd. That is pretty much it! I've had to travel Toledo, Washington, Richmond to audition. It is especially sorry as we are the home of the Cleveland Orchestra (they crave now for money too, selling tickets for 30% of the cost). The world has changed, but!!!! It is also good side to it. Because only the true music lovers - purists in a good sense, will stay. I'm "neverendingly" putting my system together and will be glad to talk about the music and equipment. Willoughby, OH
I am from Cleve but now live south of Youngstown, I agree about Audiovisions...bought some Rotel and B&W equipment, had a service issue and was talked too like a 2 year old, I had to call Rotel direct to get a person who actually knew what he was talking about, and was smart enought to listen..anyway thats my Audio-Visions experience.
I grew up in NE Ohio, and remember a few years back I think there was a store named Hoffman's ??? However, the last time I was in there if memory serves correct they had Martin Logan SL3's running through Adcom amps and the sound was as good as nails on a chalkboard. Ridiculously poor! Especially considering I owned the SL3's at that time in Columbus, OH and had some sweet music coming from them via VTL Ultimate preamp with the Sonic Frontiers SFS-80 amp... after that experience I can see why I think I heard they are no longer in business... how can anyone expect to sell something on the sound if it sounds poor in the showroom?

Have been removed from central and NE Ohio for a few years now, so I am uncertain as to what is worth while. Progressive Audio in Columbus would be my best recommendation as of a few years ago...
Best local dealer here in NE Ohio has been Don Better of Don Better Audio. he sells the weird stuff I'm into (SET and single driver speakers) as well as some really pricey SS stuff.
I've figured it out recently. They are willing to talk to you only if you order HT instalation. That is where their income coming from. Furthermore, they don't care that much about equipment cost and quality. Dealers are looking for expensive installations - in wall speakers, all-house wiring. I was still searching for Tara Labs wire. Looked for good one ($30-$40 per ft), but after 2 weeks I still can not get price through email. So just because I needed a pair of 20 ft speaker wire they do not think I'm important prospective customer. ...It is a shame. No competitors and associates' ignorance is sky rocketing. But enough complaints. That is exactly a very good reason why we should exchange opinions and listening experiences about equipment, so we can bypass dealers and find out ourselves what configurations are making good sound. All we here, by count, most likely have better selection than all Cleveland stores together and individual knowledge is priceless. We might also start some sort of a club. I don't mind a cup of coffee and conversation on one of the subjects that make my life different and happy. (Thanks for the patience while reading my response - I am not an American and my language needs improvement, I know...)
Akron area. Shahinian speakers, Blue Circle NSCS integrated and AH! CD player.
The Shahinian's & Blue Circle replaced my Spendor 1/2's (most excellent speakers btw), Audio Research LS15 & Musical Fidelity A308cr amplifier.
The Audio stores in Akron are WORSE than those in Youngstown. And Canton is worse than Akron.
I don't know what I want. I a poor college grad that is hoping to go to Grad school in the fall.
I want my stuff to sound good, but fill both audio and video requirements.
I never had anything other than Onkyo receivers and the like. I need help.
Need quality used pieces that cost little $$$.
I feel that I have made a good start considering what I once had, but am eager to "feel the music". and relax.
Nothing active yet but intrest is always great, I live south of Youngstown....write back if you want to talk.
Hello Cleveland/Akron audiophiles! Golden Gramophone, in Fairlawn, is AWESOME.
I highly recommend this shop. Very friendly sales guys who are actually into 2 channel. I've sat for hours in there listening to Von Schweikert VR4 Jr.'s on Audio Research amps, with no intention of buying, they know I couldn't afford it.

Anyhow, is there a Cleveland area audiophile/2 channel club? I'd be willing to join, and even help organize it.

I live in Akron and have a modest 2 channel system consisting of Polk Audio speakers, McCormack pre, and Rotel power amp.
I don't know about Cleveland 2ch club. Will happily participate. I have Cello Elves, currently working on resuscitation of McIntosh MC2205 have also mac preamps Garrard table and as I am damn DIYer, rebuiling Torrens 160 turntable my increadible way. I do experiment. Maybe too much....
Well, it seems there are a number of us willing to form a Cleveland area audiophile/2 channel club. I'd be happy to help organize this. Note I said help organize. I guess this forum will be a good place to start. Keep posting or send emails, and maybe we can get something going.

I live in Youngstown, Ohio and have been into audio for about 10 years now (time flies). I would also be interesting in joining an 'asylum'.

Does anyone have some suggestions of some good used audio dealers in the state of Ohio?
The only one I know of is Play it Again Sam in Cleveland.
Dont talk to Bernie at Play it again Sam unless you dont mind paying 30%+ over bluebook value
PIAS does seem to charge higher. So I would avoid them. Actually the best bet in the Cleveland area is to drive to Progressive Audio in Columbus, OH on High St. on the OSU campus. It's definitely worth the two hours drive. Other than that, I recommend Golden Grammophone in Fairlawn on Rt.18 (Akron, OH area). Not much else except for Audio Visions. But don't go in there if you either an audiophile or young. You don't seem to get the best service or looks. Probably the best bet is to contact guys like Tom Quayle or Don Better and see what they can do for you. I know I've been meaning to drop some coin on a complete set of Mapleshade heavyfoots ever since I heard them in my system. The personal touch is nice.

Happy hunting

I second the "two thumbs down" on Bernie at Play It Again Sams. He practically wants retail for used gear. Back in the day before the internet PIAS was the only way locally to sell used gear. Thank God for AudioGon. Brownsanandy- If your looking for the most bang for your buck-I would buy your gear right here on A-Gon. Before you buy-determine what your budget is. Read the forum/do searches on potential gear your thinking about purchasing. Ask questions/start threads/most people on this site have been at this game a long time and have a wealth of knowledge their usually willing to share. IMHO- Stick with well known gear. It makes it easier to sell down the road. Quality used gear can be generally had for around 40-50% of retail. Try and buy from people with alot of solid transactions(points) This website is by far the best way of building a quality setup/for less. Good luck
Aaron/Aroc,thanks for the vote of confidence.I do try to help those who have been bitten by this audio-bug.
Gregmorris, Are you/were you originally from Brecksville?

If I can be of assistance in the local area-give me a shout.
Sincerely,Tom Quayle/Tpsonic
I live in an eastern suburb[orange] and was wondering if anyone would be available to spend a short time listening to my modest system and help me decide between upgrading a cdp or preamp. Please email off list
I do not have a lot of free time but I am sure we can work something out. Thanks, Larry
system: aragon 4004mk2-amp
aragon 24k-pre
arcam 5 plus-cd
altec iconic horn speakers
Well, I am going to have some down time after the first of the year and would like to get this idea moving. Are there any suggestions for this club?
I would like to meet some others to demo gear to learn in first person. I have tried to read as much as possible, now It is time to listen. I would also like to get opinions of others on my modest system. I plan on meeting with Chad next month, maybe we can set up a meet and greet.

We have talked about this long enough, lets get this moving.
great idea. not sure where you guys are at exactly. im in avon lake ohio. far west side of cleveland. let me know what your thinking.
I will be in Avon on the first for a Wedding. Have been there often.

I think we need to pick a date in January with a location and see who can make it. Any weekend in January save the 1st is good for me.
I know there is a guy in Euclid that was interested and another in Hinkley.
I'm in Sandusky and am interested. I just emailed Marc (null1)in Toledo last week about forming a club and he and 2 other Toledo guys would be active. I also know a long-time audiophile that moved to North Olmstead that would be interested. Lets all get together.
There are two other guys from your area that have expressed intrest. I am planning a trip in the next few weeks. Then we were thinking of meeting in Cleveland later. The other thing that has been discussed would be a trip to the Audio store on High St in Columbus some time soon.
I would like to gather some information to help us get to know each other. Some basic information like name, age, occupation, and years interested in high end audio.

Next planned purchase/audition?

Next part of your rig that you want to drop soonest?

Where do you shop for equipment?

How often do you check Agon?

How often would you like our club to meet?

What types of activities would you like to see become part of this club.

Would you be willing to host a gathering?

How far are you willing to travel, what is the best day of the week for you to meet?

Are you still interested in an Ohio audio club?

Anything else please add, just hoping to get this moving forward.


When 2-channel was king in the 70’s and 80’s, we had a group in the greater Sandusky area that met between 2-3 times a month to listen. The group consisted of 8-10 people and we never had a problem finding a willing host. Things have changed dramatically since then due to the advent of home theatre; however, 4 of these guys still live in the general area and would probably like to participate. I know of another 3 that live in Toledo that would drive periodically to Cleveland or closer.

The bottom line is that the Ann Arbor / Detroit group meets one a month on Sundays and they have anywhere from 5-15 people at those meetings. Pretty informal – listening – eats – talk. They usually don’t have any problem getting host homes. This is an easy format to initiate. I’m all for visits to stores also if the group is up for it.

As far as how far I’ll drive, I have gone to 3 of the Detroit meetings @ 2-2 1/2 hour drive times and meet pretty regularly with a friend in Toledo. Most of the group attended the Detroit audio show last year. I have driven 7 hours to a CD player shootout in Chicago. I have driven overnight many times to hear new gear at stores far out of state. I’m pretty serious about the hobby and distance is not an issue. The group I know feels about the same.

As far as the other info you are looking for…..I shop/read Audiogon at least twice a week. I’ve bought equipment from many retail shops around the country as well as used stuff online. I have good friendships with John and Bob at Golden Gramophone, Mike at Audio Visions, and Art at Genesis Audio. Our group bought (4) Tympani 1D’s, (4) Audio Research SP6A’s, (3) Threshold 400A’s and (2) Audio Research D52B’s in one day in 1984 from GG.

Please email me with any additional info you need to put this together.
Next planned purchase/audition?
Either a VPI PLC or a SAMA for the HW 19 series.

Next part of your rig that you want to drop soonest?
On-board motor for the VPI HW 19 Series

Where do you shop for equipment?
Audiogon, Ebay, Hollywood Sound, BritAudio, AudioCubes,

How often do you check Agon
2/3 days a week.

How often would you like our club to meet?
Once a month.

What types of activities would you like to see become part of this club.
System critiques, group vinyl/high-end CD shopping.

Would you be willing to host a gathering?
Aboslutely. How much do you guys/gals like apartments :-)

How far are you willing to travel, what is the best day of the week for you to meet?
Being in Youngstown, I'd travel to Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Pittsburgh (not in
our forum)

Are you still interested in an Ohio audio club?
Absolutely. People who can justify my insanity.

Anything else please add, just hoping to get this moving forward.
Any vinylphiles? Any in Youngstown?
Afro18 I also have the VPI HW19 TT. I am runnning the SAMA stand alone motor as well. What a smooth operation. You are definitely headed in the right direction with that upgrade.
Hey Guys,
Sorry for the delayed response. My father has been in and out of the Hospital 4 times since Thanksgiving. This has taken much of my time to this point.

It sounds like there are about four or five of us that range from Toledo to Youngstown east to west and from Cleveland to Columbus north to south. I think it would be good to find a Central location for the first meet. Once we settle on a location then we can focus on the date.
Saturdays and Sundays seem to be the universal choices for this meeting.

Who has a central meeting place that would be willing to host out small group?