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what cartridge?
The table/arm combo is sold through a number of on-line dealers.You might take a look at the pairings offered.The Dyna mentioned above and possibly the Sumiko Evo/Blackbird is another to consider.Also researching this through the AudioGon members ... 
what cartridge?
Long cartridge "quest",I think faster than I can type.&-) 
what cartridge?
Coming back from a long cartridge,I will recommend returning to whence you came.Or speak with a dealer about the Goldring line.Only take this advice if you enjoyed the original set-up.You may get something better,but you may not.It is always a spi... 
Classical Music LPs recommendations
Try gemm,com You may find many of these recordings at fair prices.The re-issues vary.My preference falls toward the "originals",when possible.YMMV. 
subwoofer question
Check the NHT subwoofer close-outs.I bought the A1/X1/W1 system for my HT set-up.It is a very good subwoofer system.My friend bought the same set-up with the single woofer sub enclosures for his bass augmentation ,under the Merlin mxe.He complaine... 
Tube 'Characteristics' - EL-34 and 845 and 211
I ran the Air Tights in triode only.The UL improved bass,but the mids suffered.I used all NOS Siemens in mine. 
Classical Music LPs recommendations
The Firebird Siute/Lt Kije:MercuryRapsodies/StokowskiSolo cello suites/Starker/MercuryMaybe a copy of Witches' Brew and a Decca/London or two. 
shopping and need advice
I thought the T5s were very good for the price.The T6s should be a step further. 
step up from rotel?
2nd the McCormack DNA,Belles 150 or a Stratos unit. 
Tube 'Characteristics' - EL-34 and 845 and 211
I had used the AT ATM3s with 34s and liked the sound better than the much more expensive Viva Verona XLs.I just never took a liking to the 845s,even driven by a 211.Seemed to lose that tube magic.Oh well. 
How to protect the wood finish of speakers.
2nd the Liquid Gold.This happened to my Virgos,when I lived in Wi.This restored the lustre. 
B&W D800 D802 VS. W/P 8
As much as I prefer the B&W Diamond series to earlier ones,my gut instinct is that the WP is capable of more and has less of a finger-print on the sound.The WP does prefer a slightly warmer balanced amplifier,thus my recs for the VAC Ren serie... 
Want to Blow Up My Stereo
The most important thing one of my mentors had said to me:the visual center and acoustical center may occur in different places.Think of setting up the speakers,as three different "planes" (not aero).Left,center,right.Left will control that occuri... 
Integrated tube amp for 91db open baffle speakers
R Burke: Had you decided on your integrated yet??My experimenting with the PL2 tubes has concluded.I find the PL labeled KT-88 are a hard act to beat.Shuguang 12ax and the French military 12au (Mazda) complete the front-end.Articulate and capable ... 
Upgrading interconnects?
Just don't pair them with Threshold or wide-bandwith designs,as they can cause these amplifiers to go into oscillation (Noted on the Threshold website).When you think about controlling a driver,it is about coupling the amp and driver.This is less ...