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Review of Tekton Pendragon-Se Loudspeaker
What are you driving them with Shakey and Audioman? 
You might try Min at Tube Audio Lab, he's done good by me. 
Why are HD downloads so expensive?
Whether it's fair or unfair, aren't they just charging what the market will bare? 
Favorite Pianists
My favorite jazz pianist today: Bill CharlapMy favorite 60's jazz pianist: Bill EvansMy favorite classical pianist: Murray Perahia (great solo works abound)Have fun. 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
Jethro Tull - Aqualung 
Looking to upgrade From my Odyssey Mono extremes
Along the same lines that Sibelius has suggested, I'll throw my two cents in. I used AES (Cary) Sixpac amps for a couple years. They are EL34 output tube based and pretty darn good amps. I wanted to try a different amp, more specifically, a SS amp... 
Most Peaceful Music you've Heard or Own
Any Franz Schubert chamber music. 
Your Favorite, Most Outstanding Guitar Solo
One of my favorite solos was pointed out to me by a friend who asked me to watch this video of Prince stealing the show at a George Harrison tribute. The whole video is worth a look, but Prince comes in about 3:40. Pretty good stuff. 
Shout out for DMB's Big Whiskey /GrooGrux
I've been a fan for years, these guys are true musicians. While I expect DMB fans to rally behind this release, I'm glad to see the critical acclaim (Billboard and Rolling Stone) as well. I'm quite pleased with the sound quality on this recording ... 
Charles Lloyd suggestions
I'll second Metralla's pick... I've owned several and I keep coming back to "The Water Is Wide" on CD. Terrific recording, moving performance. 
Missy Raines Anyone?
Thanks for the heads-up here, I just picked this CD up and can't stop listening to it. Truly gifted musicians and the recording quality puts them in my room. Full samples can be heard at their MySpace page. Many thanks! 
Best CD
I typically reach for these to give me goosebumps:1. Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions2. Kate Walsh - Tim's House3. Buddy Guy - Blues Singer4. Brian Bromburg - Downright Upright5. Joe Pass - Virtuoso6. George Winston - December7. Dave Brubeck - Time ... 
Looking for some Art Pepper recommendations
Thank You Gentlemen. I looked through several web sites before posting, but your help has been spot on to what I'm looking for. I really appreciate the help. 
Looking for some 'grass
Check out these, all are redbook and beautifully recorded:1. Greencards-"Weather and Water" and "Viridian"2. Charlie Haden-"Rambling Boy"3. Bela Fleck-"Heartland-An Apalachian Anthology" 
Top Jazz Albums of 2008
Lots of good music out there. These have found their place in my rotation this year:1. Female Jazz - Lizz Wright "The Orchard"2. Piano Jazz- Brad Mehldau Trio "Live"3. Guitar Jazz - Earl Klugh "Spice Of Life"4. Horn Jazz - Roy Hargrove "Ear Food"5...