Christmas in SW Florida, suggestions:

I have been invited to spend ten days in the greater Fort Myers/Naples area. Are there any music or audio type of goings on that I may want to explore between Dec. 23rd and Jan 3rd. Primarily evening activities. I plan to golf, fish and visit friends the first few days while they are off for Christmas.

Thanks for any and all suggestions, I like all forms of music.

Merry Christmas!

Go to the Naples/Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce to see whats going on at that time.
Please, do not waste the time of any brick and mortar dealer since you will not be buying anything.
He didn't say he wasn't interested in buying anything. Maybe hearing/seeing something new will trigger an unknown desire. I never mind talking to people when they stop in the store. In fact it's fun for me too. It's Christmas time afterall, and if he's been a good boy, maybe he deserves it. I know I do.
No audio dealers to speak of. Some good used record stores. Try our downtown area. Not big but very nice. Never know what you might find
I have been living in the Naples/Ft Myers area for the last few years. Unfortunately, most of the people you meet here will be like Buconero117. I understand his frustration, though. The local Best Buy has hired all of the really knowledgeable people in the area and he can't compete with that level of technical expertise. I would be upset as well. If you don't mind a drive of about 2hrs or so, I can send you to at least 4 stores that are pretty good. (They are all within driving distance from each other so you get to them on 1 trip.) I'll watch this post so if you want the stores info, just post here an I will reply.
I think the OP is looking for something to do besides audio. Maybe a concert or museum....etc.
Thanks for the responses thus far. I was looking for night time audio/music fare. Maybe a concert or jazz, classical ensemble in town for a holiday show or if there are any nightclubs with a group playing for the week or something.

I always here about the "Snow-Birds" going down to this area for the winter I was hoping some of the local establishments might book some entertainment for the holidays. I know my brother and sister say the traffic has really gotten horrible the last six weeks or so. There seems to be quite a lot of $$ in this area and tons of upscale places to stay and such. I thought some of the locals may know of some good goings on as there seems to be many people coming to this area to spend the holidays. In the past I have gone to the Barbara Mahn? auditorium and some outdoor events, etc.