Chord Qutest vs. Benchmark 2 or 3?

Hi, all -
Did not think I would really be at a loss...but I am when it comes to my next move: A DAC for my home office system.

It currently consists of:

Bluesound Node 2i
Belles Soloist 1 integrated amp
Dynaudio Special 40s
DH Labs cables

No CDs, no other sources, only streaming from a MacBook Pro and iPad.
Dont need volume control or headphone amp on DAC.

So, I guess the head-to-head comparison would really be Benchmark DAC3L vs, Chord Qutest.
I have "heard" that there is not much different sonically between DACs 2 and 3.

I favor musicality over precision imaging.

I am leaning to a Chord Qutest.
Any and all thoughts appreciated.

(Yes, I know the best way is to have a home audition. I get that. Been doing this for 30 years...;-)...and I avoid brick n mortar retail at all costs.)
FWIW the Benchmark measures a bit better and has XLR outputs.  Pretty significant aesthetics depending on your taste.  I can't believe you'd be disappointed in either.
I tried both and found the Cutest to be warmer in sound, but the Benchmark has more features and is more analytical and accurate. It really depends on your ears, either is a good solution.
The Cutest is a little quirky at first with the colored lights as indicators, but once you get it figured out, it is a non issue.
It's funny, whenever I read comments about a DAC sounding "warmer" the comments seems to align with DACs that measured higher in distortion.  Some distortion as we know tends to be more pleasing to our ears than others. The Benchmark is probably more transparent than the Qutest but how either sounds in your system is likely both system dependent and a matter of preference.  I have recently ordered a Benchmark DAC3 for my 2nd system (tube integrated amp).  My reasoning is that the tubes likely deliver all the warmth I need and that a transparent DAC in the chain may provide the perfect synergy.
Cheaper than your other 2 options but the Jolida Tube Dac 3 is really a nice dac even compared to pricier models IMO. Musical and slightly warm but detailed as well. I also have the Node 2 and the Jolida is head and tails better than the Dac in the node IMO.  
Can't speak to the Benchmark.

Picked up a Chord Qutest in March and I love it.
I especially appreciate its very small form factor.
It replaced a Bryston BDA-1 in my main rig (now in use in a second system).
I also have a Bluesound Node 2i, and think that there is excellent synergy between the Node 2i and the Qutest.  Have hooked up by both Toslink and Coax and in my case prefer the Toslink (Audioquest Vodka). Interestingly enough, with the BDA-1 preferred the Coax (Tributaries).
Also have used the Qutest very successfully as a USB DAC first with a Melco N1A, and more recently hooked directly into a Roon Nucleus.
In both instances via Curious USB Cable.

Benchmark and Chord both have excellent reputations.
Like others have said, I don't think you can go too wrong here.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

Try the Qutest with an external linear power supply and it takes it to another level.