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I was turned on to by United Home Audio, it was mentioned in their email newsletter, so props to them. It's a great site, very simple, all single disc cd's are $5.99 and shipping is free. Multi-discs are just the number of idscs times $5.99. There is nothing out of the ordinary about these discs, they're the same masterings you get anywhere else. I've seen plenty of K2's and other remasters in the site, and they usually tell you when something is remastered. The selection is good, not great, but again at the price it's tough to complain. That's about it, the only catch, not a catch really, is that you need to buy at least one cd per month. Since after two days I already have twelve discs in my queue, I don't see it really being an issue. Check it out, and just so everyone knows I'm in no way affiliated with YourMusic, though I wish I owned it, nor UHA either. Happy listening!
I've been with them for about six months. Good stuff. Just make sure you keep your queue full or you'll get charged and not receive your CD.
Yep...I get my one a month (or more) from them. Not a whole lot to pick from but still well worth keeping a nice little queue full of cd's.

I'm using them, but am running out of choices. No titles by Rolling Stones grateful dead and other major bands. Get whatever you can from them and then quit. It's a great deal while it lasts.
I agree guys, and I happy to say that I just got my first shipment in the mail today, shipped 1/31, in my mailbox 2/3. Not bad for just $5.99!
YourMusic appears to be BMG / Columbia music clubs rebranded - same look and feel, same selection. I've been a member of BMG for a long time and have always found plenty to buy off the site, so YourMusic would suit me well. They're not comprehensive, but they claim to have 14K titles.
Selection is limited, but with 90+ titles in my queue, there's plenty to keep me busy. Highly recommended.
Another happy user. A few mths ago one of my shipments didn't arrive. They took care of it with no hassle. e
Yes, definitely a cheaper way to go, as long as you find something you want. to own. However, you may be buying "seconds". Here's why I think so:

I ordered Bill Frisell's "East/West" CD. Sounds great, but the East labeled disk contains the Wests songs, and the West labelev disk contains the east's songs. They obviously put the labels ont he disks backwards.

I complained twice and received new disks each time with a free return label. All of them had the same problem. However it doesn't seem like this problem exists on store bought CD's.

I too recommend checking it out for anyone that hasn't already.

Based on my observations over the past couple months (largely the similarities of their web construct and the nearly identical catalog), I've concluded yourmusic is the BMG music club streamlined, improved, and repackaged.