Cartridge Recommendation for Audio Note Turntable

I just acquired a new Audio Note TT1 (traditional three point suspended belt drive turntable....heavily modified Systemdek IIx) with an Audio Note ARM2 (Rega RB300 with Rega installed Audio Note litz silver wire and Audio Note silver phono cable) and require a cartridge as I fear my old Madrigal Carnegie's suspension may be on her last legs.

My budget is 3 to 500 bucks. A used Shelter at that price is attractive. I am attracted to the venerable Denon DL103 but fear the RB300 arm is not suitable for this cartridge. My audio guy carries Dynavector and Audio Note so I would prefer a Dynavector but am open to all suggestions.

Okay, I have used all the cartridges that you mention above, on the Rega tonearms. The Dynavector and Audio Note(Goldring 1042) are high output MC, and easy to use in any phono section, and will work well in the arm. The Denon is slightly too stiff for the RB300, but will work pretty well. It can benefit from the increase of lateral mass that can be provided by my HiFi mod(Strange Tonearm Tweak). The Shelter will be the best, but also most expensive. It could also benefit by my HiFi mod, due to lower compliance. The Denon and Shelter are low output MC, and require a significant amount of gain in the phono section.
In good old days you might acquire a cartridge for $3 but I don't think it was something descent.:-)
We have an Audio Note IQ2 sealed in the box posted online for $175. Hard to beat for that price. It's a moving magnet, high output cartridge but a superb match for that arm and table.

You can get the Denon 103D, which is a medium compliance cartridge. That would work with the RB300 pretty well. It would be around $330. It's available from the U.S. Denon Service Center in California.

You still need to address the gain issue though. The output is only ~.27 mV.