Cable options for Sonus Faber EA II speakers?

I would appreciate advice on interconnect and speaker cables for use with SF EA II speakers. I am using an Ayre V3 amp and tubed pre-amp. I am considering auditioning Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference, but found Transparent Super also to be a reasonable match. Any help narrowing my choices based on your experience would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Great Speaker. I have a pair of Extremas. I highly recommend putting MIT on that list. I find that they are a great match with Sonus Faber.
Golden Cross would be a great match. That's what I'm using right now and couldn't be happier. The EAII's have such wonderfully refined and rich midrange and the Golden Cross contributes to the overall smoothness without affecting the resolution.
I beleive you need a fast and tonally accurate cable with top end extension. You may want to add Bearlabs to your list. Nordost Valhalla sounded good -- with ss gear -- but the cost is very high.

Pls try before you buy: others' sonic taste may differ from yours!
I own various tube gear and dynamic speakers. I have found Pure Note cables (online mfg.) to be the best match. Cardas are too warm and most silver cables are bright.
try the bearlabs. they completely changed the sound of my system (for the better). FYI i have Virgos, Symphonic Line tube pre-amp, SL SS amp, Naim 3.5CDP. Thanks Gregm for the referral on this line of cables.