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Cable options for Sonus Faber EA II speakers?
I own various tube gear and dynamic speakers. I have found Pure Note cables (online mfg.) to be the best match. Cardas are too warm and most silver cables are bright. 
Very good Balanced XLR cable, suggestions?
I like the Pure Note Epsilon silver XLR's in my system. They are very well made and have the speed of silver without edge. Best I have tried and that includes Valhallas and FIMs. 
Harmonic Technology Magic digital cable?
Owned the HT Magic SPDIF cable. I prefer the Pure Note Epsilon 75-Ohm digital cable which is cleaner and without edge. The HT sounded like it was inducing jitter (somewhat grainy). I have a friend who tried the Kimber and it was OK. Make sure that... 
Seeking opinion for a super duper power cord....
Tried them all and settled on the Pure Note Epsilon power cord. Pure silver, alloy shielded. This is the first cord that really improved my system. I got rid of the noisey background and the bass and highs are much better defined. FWIW. 
Better cable substitue's for my system, for silver ic cables
Consider Pure Note. They are superior to the Valhalla, Acoustic Zen, Harmonic Tech. and the list goes on... No silver edge, very transparent and revealing.