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Looking for best sounding satellite/sub system
I just received up my Dreamcatcher system and I was VERY impressed. Very musical, albeit right now I have only "tested" the satellites by hooking two of them up to my 2 channel rig. I love the way they look and the size of the individual speakers ... 
Cables for Audio Physic Libra
I have a pair of Virgo classics that i run with Bearlab Silver Thunder speaker cables and Silver Lightning IC's. couldn't be happier.Gregg 
good silver IC's to audition?
i third the bear labs recommendation.gregg 
Tenor Audio - Anyone hear them?
that's what i love about posting here at Audiogon. i get to mingle with all you rich folk!gregg 
Tenor Audio - Anyone hear them?
out of curiosity, how much are these wonder amps?gregg 
Advise for speaker cable upgrade please
i just purchased the Bearlabs Silver Thunder speaker cable and was stunned by the improvement in sound. good luck!gregg 
Cable options for Sonus Faber EA II speakers?
try the bearlabs. they completely changed the sound of my system (for the better). FYI i have Virgos, Symphonic Line tube pre-amp, SL SS amp, Naim 3.5CDP. Thanks Gregm for the referral on this line of cables.gregg 
Wadia, Audio Aero, Meridian, BAT and BOW
at $2800, count me in too! i've been waiting to upgrade from my Naim 3.5.greggr 
the who
thanks you guys about all the info about the "Who's Next" album...the interesting thing about this album is that Steve Hoffman (of DCC fame) has a thread at Audio Asylum discussing the remastering job he did on this album back in the '80's. It's n... 
10 sonically best rock recordings ?
ohlalai'm not familiar with the compilation HDCD "Music for the Masses". what type of compliation is this? did your most mean that Depeche Mode's album of this name was released in HDCD? thanks for the info.gregg 
Add-on improvement to analog-only CDP?
two pieces of equipment that have received some attention regarding making digital equipment sound more analog-like are the Taddeo digital anecdote II and the Margules ADE-24. i am currently testing the ADE-24 and will report back once the unit ha... 
What are the best CD-changers?
i can't find the aiwa cd changer on the best buy website. anyone have a model number?thanks,gregg 
10 sonically best rock recordings ?
the remastered "Yellow Submarine" disc is one of the most well recorded rock CDs i've ever heard. i found out about it thru a yearly review piece in Ultimate Audio. man do i wish that whomever was responsible for this gem go on and do the entire c... 
10 sonically best rock recordings ?
i was in costco today and saw a Petty anthology that was subtitled "through the years". it's a 2 cd set and has a picture of him playing a guitar on the front cover. is this the anthology that is recommended becasue of superior sonics? it evidentl... 
Speakers that mate well with Jeff Rowland electronics
i purchased my audio physic virgos last year based on a magical listening experience i had in a hotel room (!) at the last stereophile show in L.A. my brother and i sat down in this very small hotel room on a couple of standard spartan looking cha...