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window near my listening point and excessive bass
If your sub is foward firing put it on a six inch stand. It will help clear it up quite a bit. 
2 Channel System - Image behind my head
I have a pair of Sonus Faber Extremas, and when set up right, they image behind you. Not every album but quite a bit. I have been told by many that it isnt possible but they fill the room with sound. I have heard it in the show room where I bought... 
Transfering film to dvd
Thanks for all the great advice. The point about dvd's not lasting forever is well taken and I never would have thought about that. I also agree with the idea of not editing them. How do they transfrer the film? Is it a special machine or is it ju... 
would this Deter you from buying used gear????
You also have to consider what it will do to the resale value after the 2nd resale. If you are selling it with your info on it thats one thing but I wouldnt buy it from the person after you because I would be worried its stolen. 
Comparing Classe CA 400, CA 401, and Cam 350
I have to admit that your responses are not what I expected but very enlighting. I appreciate the feedback.I would also be interested in hearing from people that heard these amps and thought another brand in the same price range was better. 
Nina Simone recommendation
Thanks for all the great and quick responses. Im sure she will appreciate it as much as I do. 
Is my listening geometry too small?
Make sure to that the distance from the back wall is not the same as the distance from the side wall. 
UPS ??? Do they ever pay a claim???
I think ups denies all claims at first, with damage, in hopes that you wont persue it but dont be fooled. You have a lot of options.First of all they have a legal responsibility to cover something because there is a implied warrenty to get it ther... 
Buying and Selling of feedback
According to Audiogons guide lines feed back can only be left when money exchanges hands. What about backing out on auctions? To follow the letter of the law the seller may not have the right to leave bad feedback. 
Need help packing gear....dont have boxes no more
Make sure the product is tight inside the box too. You dont want it to be able to move around at all. 
Need Inexpensive shipping material
I have used places like that before but the truth is that I am moving. Staples and box ect are crazy. Uhaul is better but they still want $4 for a small box. That doesnt sound like a lot but it will add up.I just found out that wallmart is great f... 
Velodyne HGS-18 subwoofer
If you really want great intergration get a Rel. It wont move as much air as the Velodyne but it will have faster and more accurate bass with better intergration.If you do get the Velobune one way to help with the boominess is to put it on a 6 inc... 
Museatex str55's amps worth exploring?
I had one of these amplifiers. I picked it up for a steal in the used room of my local hifi store. One bad things about it is that it was very small and didnt match the standard size of other equipment.I have owned a bit of equipment and I can eas... 
Wiring a dedicated line
I appreciate all your help. Im not an electrician but I have some experience with high voltage. I have wired many things before and I have one of those plugs that tells you if it is wired right and the plug indicates that it is.I shut off the brea... 
Shipping prices and buyers...
Angela: On a side note mail boxes ect is crazy in their prices. I try to get packing at places like job lot and free boxes at local businesses. If you must buy at least go to a uhaul place. They are a ton cheaper.