Buying from China

What do you think the impact will be in buying gear from China in the near future. Will the parts supply chain be depleted. Will part s other then those specify be substituted.? Will wait times for electrics will be extended. I can get pretty paranoid about it. Interested in the options of those with better insights. Should I wait awhile until things settle down befor I place my next order? I imagine things are going to be tough for the small hi end audio manufacturer.
The OP was not commenting on Chinese quality, rather possible supply disruptions.
The manufacturer I'm presently interested in is waiting for casework from China.  It is about a month behind.
So far. That's all I know by on the subject.
Ya i feel this is no accident. The other rumor i heard its from eating bats ...
anyways i ordered some cable ends hope nobody coughed in the padded envelope from there. 
Quality control (or lack of) issues are so endemic to Chinese manufacturing you need to think twice, or three or four times before buying anything from there. Why risk large sums of your money on that track record at any time, present or future, regardless of Coronavirus?