Building a mid(-upper) range stereo with Marantz and Klipsch

Have a nice day !

I am new to this forum. I am no expert. I am about to build a stereo system so that I could listen to hi-res 
music and the (flac) rips of my cd collection (classical, jazz, popular…).

*I have purchased lately a Marantz NA6006 network player.
*I have a pair of Klipsch RP8000F floorstanding loudspeakers.
 ( at the present time they are connected to an almost 30 years old Yamaha AX570 )
*After reading a lot of info I came to the conclusion that the Marantz PM8006 amplifier is one that is worth 
 to buy.

Or instead...

*I also thought of connecting the NA6006 to a MM7025 power amplifier through the variable rca out of 
 the NA6006 and drive the loudspeakers this way.

My questions are:

1./ does the PM8006 have enough power to drive the Klipsch RP8000F without causing harm to the
     loudspeakers ?
    ( for me it is a plus that I can connect an active subwoofer to the PM8006 pre out )
2./ is it a good idea to rather buy a MM7025, connect it to the NA6006 variable rca out and thus have twice 
     the power to drive the RP8000F ?
     In this case would I have the same or similar quality stereo experience as with the PM8006 ?
     In this setup is it possible to connect an active subwoofer the fix rca out of the NA6006 ?
3./ Am I right to suppose that I could connect the NA6006 to the PM8006's network input then plug the
    MM7025 power amp to the PM8006 pre out, thus being able to work with 140 W instead of 70 W, what is
    maybe better for the 150 W (cont.) Klipsch RP8000F ?
    If it is technically viable would this setup sound like a hifi at this price should ?
    Also,  In this setup is it possible to connect an active subwoofer the fix rca out of the NA6006 ?
   ( though the price of the PM8006 and MM7025 together starts to quite stretch my budget )
Please help me to decide what is the better solution.
Sorry for being so long.
Thank You.
Regards, Attila Berkes.
I have the prior version of that amp the PM8005.  It runs a pair of Kef R300s or Ohm Walsh 2-100s. Occasionally, both if I am playing electric guitar along with it. I have never had issues in 5 years and it can play far louder without clipping than my ears want to hear in a 18 x 20 room with ceilings ranging from 9-20 fee at the high point. I think looking at your speakers specs you will have no issues. And, the sound will be good . I often use the Direct mode which bypasses the tone controls. But, on some old CDs I use them as they feature bass, ;midrange and treble and can moderate some bright recordings. You will be surprised by the quality of this amp which is built in the Japanese Reference factory. I also have 3 other systems including some McIntosh gear and this compares well. You will get true high end sound from it. 
BTW, I also ahve a Marantz ND8006 CD/streamer in this system and it works very well and sounds very good even on higher bit rate internet streams. So that shoudl help you feel comfortable. Sorry, cant comment on the other piece of gear.
Those Klipsch speakers at 98db sensitivity don't need much power at all.  I have no experience with either of the Marantz units you mentioned, but I'd get the PM8006 if it's a choice between the two.  It will have plenty of power and give you the flexibility to add other sources, you can connect a subwoofer to it, it has balance and tone controls, and you can add an amp to it in the future.
I also recommend the PM 8006. Will have enough power and possesses the desired features (I like the direct mode).  Also, running the server through the fixed output may prove best.