Better Records vs MoFi

I’ve read about Better Records on the site. They listen to endless copies of records & separate out the amazing sounding pressings. I can understand because of many variables, some sound better than others. But, can a great sounding regular pressing sound better than a half speed master? Doesn’t a HSM have more music data on it?

I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole. If the BR premise holds up then there are certainly better pressings of Dark Side of the Moon etc. I’m not concerned with that. I’m also not interested in cost or “X sucks, I’d never buy one.”


@minkwelder: Oh, a UK copy of Music From Big Pink! I still have the one I bought in 1970, having given up on finding a quiet USA pressing.

One thing to be aware of is that any foreign pressing is going to have its’ lacquer cut from a tape another generation down from the tape used by the country of origin (in this case the USA). Record companies would never send an original master tape to another country! If a record sells enough copies to warrant it, multiple safety/production tapes are made from the master mix tape, at least one for each pressing plant, which are spread throughout the US (one reason why copies of LP’s sound different from one another). MFPB sold enough to earn a Gold Record award.

Another consideration is the condition of the original multi-track master tape (recorded in 1968, MFPB was most likely made on a 4-track). I frequently see people claiming tapes that old have probably deteriorated due to just age. In a long interview, mastering engineer Bernie Grundman stated that the tape used in the late-60’s is very stable (the binder that holds the oxide onto the plastic tape does not dry out), the only deterioration coming from the playing of the tape. Playtime = wear (just like miles = wear with automobile tires). Chad Kassem (owner of QRP) goes to extreme lengths to acquire first generation master tapes, from which he has Grundman (or any other engineer working with him) make a production tape.

This has got me thinking. Being made and released in 1968, I wonder if there was a mono version of MFPB? Discogs here I come!

Search around, it's not about "check the deadwax", and its not "about finding the quiet copy". Man trying to get even simple facts straight around here is like you know what into the wind.

Disc format and recording methodology has little to do with resulting sound quality.  Every company presses turkeys from time to time.  Some press mainly turkeys.  Sound quality is achieved by skill, care and investment in top quality machinery.


... be honest. Don't you get just a little embarrassed even talking about $500 records?

Why do you think anyone here should be embarrassed?