Best Tributes, Covers, Dedications

There have been some fine tribute, cover, and dedication albums. A few examples in pop include:

The Bridge-A Tribute to Neil Young
Hank Williams-Timeless
Till The Night Is Gone-A Tribute to Doc Pomus
Shangrila-A Tribute to the Kinks

I would include albums of original material in which the dedications are presented thematically, like Lou Reed's "Magic & Loss"(Doc Pomus), or Lou Reed with John Cale "Songs for Drella"(Warhol).

The idea could be stretched into a general list of "best of" cover albums. I nominate Matthew Sweet's recent "Under the Covers Vol. I & II.

Any other good examples in pop, jazz, or classical?
Two of my favorite tribute albums are:
"A Tribute To Joni Mitchell"
"A Nod To Bob, An Artists' Tribute To Bob Dylan On His 60th Birthday"
As for favorite cover albums, I'll go with "Twelve" by Patti Smith.
Lou Reed with John Cale "Songs for Drella"(Warhol).

A favorite of mine, if you can listen all the way though without being moved and smiling at the same time you're not hearing the words.
I really like:

Tapestry Revisited-A Tribute to Carole King
Common Threads-Songs of the Eagles
For covers, take a listen to Jeff Healy Band "Cover to Cover".It's comprised of songs they played when they were a bar band.
most tribute albums are of the listen-once-and-forget-it variety, but one that really stands out is the roky erikson tribute (i believe it's called "when the pyramid.."), which has great covers by rem, john wesley harding,etc. i also highly recommend the gene clark tribute, full circle--he wrote a boatload of incredible songs. my final pick is the posies tribute, which i think is called beautiful something or other.
John Coltrane: "My Favorite Things"(Rodgers, Hammerstein, Porter, Gershwin)
Joe Henderson: "Lush Life"(Billy Strayhorn)
The Classical Jazz Quartet: "Play Bach"
A new one to consider:

Richard Lloyd has a new disc of Jimi covers. This takes a big, hairy set! I just bought it, and haven't fired it up yet, so no comment on the quality. The liner notes are ineteresting anyway, - it seems that Richard Lloyd and Jimi had a brief sort of friendship in the late '60s. This is a tribute to Jimi and the mutual friend who introduced them.

Will report when I've given it a listen.


PS Loomis, if you like Roky covers, you might want to check out Webb Wilder's version of "Don't Slander Me". Wilder is a GREAT cover artist and this track is a good example of that.
Best cover of a whole album--Dark Side of the Moon by Dream Theater-recorded live
Paint it Blue. Rolling Stones tunes done by bluesman.

Yep - that is a winner! Love that album...
Covers: Second Patti's "Twelve." I also like Al Green's classic cover of the Beatle's "I want to hold your hand." Better than the original. I have about 45 to 60 other cover versions. Songs that stand out include The Replacements "Another Girl, Another Planet," the Hindu Love God's "Raspberry Beret," REM's "Academy Fight Song", Pearl Jam's "Baba O'Riley", Thom Yorke's "After The Gold Rush", Neil Young and Booker T & MG's "All along the watchtower" and Clah's "Policeman on my back."
I do have to agree with those who have said that Paint it Blue is one of the best. Of course, there are any number of other good tributes as well as many that are not so good.
Ed Palermo Big Band does terrific big band arrangements of Zappa. Zappa plays Zappa just tries to do what FZ himself did -- which is something FZ would never do, if you know what I mean. But Palermo's stuff is excellent.
I've been through the new Richard Lloyd cover album (Jimi Hendrix) a couple of times and it's interesting. The arrangements sound "thinner" (less dense) and, while some of the original's "funk" appeal is lost, the "pop" appeal of the songs is enhanced. At the risk of offending, it sounds like a white guy covering Hendrix. Lloyd's playing is excellent, but unlikely to please die hard fans of the original. Worth hearing, but not earthshaking.


When I looked at your post again, I realized that Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs had done a Vol II of "Under The Covers". I'm a big fan of Sweet and, even though I found Vol I a bit disapointing (good song choices, cover versions a bit too tame and perhaps "respectful" of the originals for my taste), I set out to find Vol II.

A glance at the cover got my attention quickly. The track list looks like I dictated it. A dozen of my A list favorite candidates for cover versions, including one by Lindsey Buckingham and two!! by Todd Rundgren are included. (These are my two favorite rock artists.) I fired it up in my car on the way home from the store. Ah, well.

I find these covers (with the exception of a very interesting re-work of Yes' "I've Seen All Good People/Your Move") also too tame. They're all good, but I really wanted/expected more. The cds are still fun, but I really wish Sweet and Hoffs had taken a few more risks.

Marty, at least Sweet's eclecticism is in good taste, if sometimes a little tame.

Another good one is "Blue Haze: Songs of Jimi Hendrix"(2000) with covers by Taj Mahal, Eric Burden, Buddy Miles, Vernon Reid, Michelle Shocked.

Thanks for the tip. "Blue Haze" appears to be right up my alley. I'll try to chase it down.

As to Matthew Sweet. Judging from the "Under the Covers" cds, I guess that he (and/or Hoffs) and I share very similar taste. He is a fine guitarist, but he always has an even beter player in his band for live shows (often Ivan Julian). I've seen him play a half dozen or so times when I lived in NYC.

The "Covers" cds make me wonder how much he just wanted a shot at some of the guitar parts - parts that he would often defer to his bandmate. He does them well, but not enough to redefine the songs, IMHO. In any case, I do like the Covers CDs, even if I can't shake the feeling that they could have been even better.

Nguyên Lê, "Purple - Celebrating Jimi Hendrix" on ACT records for all those who went from rock to jazz through the years but stayed safely anchored in the first category as well, as did yours truly.

I have no intention to advertise for any record shop, but here you'll find a few samples to get a taste

Nice thread! A couple more:

Kindred (Cash Tribute)
Poet (Townes Van Zandt Tribute)
Timeless (Hank Tribute), already mentioned, seems to me a better than average recording.

Just ordered the Shannon McNally Cover record, "Run for Cover," which I expect to be a treat.

Merle Haggard tribute "Tulare Dust"(1994). Respectful unadorned covers by Dwight Yoakam, Iris Dement, Joe Ely, John Doe, Marshall Crenshaw, Lucinda Williams.
In Jazz, try "Who Loves You? A Tribute to Jaco Pastorious" as well as the Jaco Patorious Big Band Albums.
a few off the old noggin,

Whiskey in the jar-Metallica (Trad.tin liz)
Hallalooljah- Jeffree buckley (cohen)
God save the queen-motorhead (pistols)
My way-sid-ern-ee vicious (an italian geezer)?
A New England-Kirsty Maccoll (billy bragg)
20th Century Boy-Placebo (T.Rex)
Your the one i want-Mcfly (grease)
Knockin on 'evans door- Sisters of Mercy (bob)
Any cover done by ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS!
Help/hey joe-Deep Purple, (beatles)
Tainted Love/Sweet dreams-M Manson (soft cell/euro group)
Anarchy in the UK-Megadeth (oh dear)..........
Satisfaction-Devo (Rolling and a Stoned)
A little respect-Wheatus (Erasure)
To love somebody-Jimmy Somerville (heebeegeebees)?
Don't leave me this way (Communards/Somerville)
Cover- Bill Frisell: Guitar Space Age(2014)

Possibly the best-ever coverage of rock by a jazzman.
Cat Power "Jukebox"
Cowboy Junkies "Revisited"
Annie Lennox "Nostalgia"
With the recent passing of Joe Cocker... although he never did a cover's lp to my knowledge, he produced several great cover songs.
In keeping with the season...
The Judds, "Christmas Time With The Judds". Excellent!

A very good tribute album and one of my favorites , is Paul Rogers "Muddy Water Blues". Also , " Stone Free: A tribute to Jimi Hendrix" and "Encomium" Led Zeppelin tribute.
My all-time favorite. "Treasures Left Behind: A Tribute To Kate Wolf"

Kate Wolf was a California-based songwriter whose "words fell like rain on the dry desert plain-Precious and so quickly gone".