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Squeeze Concert including one odd tidbit
bdp24... Based on your mentioning the Iris DeMent song "No Time To Cry", I purchased the "My Life" CD and played it for the first time yesterday.  All I can say is... WOW.   
Squeeze Concert including one odd tidbit
Nice to see someone comment on Iris DeMent. To get the full impact her talent, try turning off the sound and read her lyrics, e.g. "In the deep of the night... in the deep of the night... by the river so still... where sorrows come to heal... and ... 
$510.00 for an Aluminum cover for the ARC Ref. 10?
When you look at the onlinemetalsdotcom website you'll find that a 24" x 24" piece of 1/8th thick aluminum sells for $42.00... and thinner gauge sells for even less. That's a fun website for the DYI side if the house.  
What's with the short speaker stands?
Have you considered tilting the stands using longer spikes in the front and shorter spikes in the rear? That way you can "bean" the tweeter right at your ears. 
How did you contract "Audiophilia"
When I walked into a shop in Pittsburg and heard Peter Paul and Mary through a pair of AR 3's. 
Magnet Wire Question
If you're talking about using bare wire and using the painters tape to insulate/separate the negative and the positive runs, I would advise against doing that. 
Any other tweaks for Wilson Audio Duettes?
I had a pair of Duettes on Sound Anchor stands. You might want to consider replacing the Wilson OEM stands with stands that are lower so the tweeter is more level with your ears. My Sound Anchor stands were the four post version which allowed me t... 
The Best New HT Processor
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Theta Casablanca IV as a contender. 
Why are so many owners trying to sell Scansonic?
I believe a lot of those earlier ads were dealer ads using AudiogoN as an inexpensive way to promote their product. 
Finite Element Cerapuc
The bolts and nuts are for attaching the Cerapuc's to your equipment... in place of the OEM footers. The thing that looks like a screw driver is used for turning the Cerapuc's in-order to level the equipment. 
Audience Au24 SE power cord Upgrade
What Audience charges for the SE upgrade includes both the plugs and a reasonable upcharge for Audience to re-terminate the cables. I do agree with you that if I was of the mind to spend $200 to upgrade the terminations, I'd go the Furutech DIY ro... 
Audience Au24 SE power cord Upgrade
I'm also a fan of the Audience Au24 power cords. IMHO what you hearing is a direct result of the fact that the Furutech FI-28(R) plugs cost twice as much as the subject Cardas plugs. 
2-Way Advice: Magico S1,YG Carmal,Diablo Utopia
I haven't heard the Sonus Faber Guameri Evolution's but I can tell you the Sonus Faber Olympia I's are amazing. I thought I was moving down when I sold my Wilson Duette's and purchased the Olympia I's but I was pleasantly surprised. 
how to wire up speakers ...??
You could also wrap the wire around each terminal to gain more surface area. 
max spade width for plastic covered binding posts
Timrhu: I sure hope you tell us how to remove the plastic shroud on the subject binding posts. I unknowingly purchased an amp with these binding posts and was faced with the consequence of having to re-terminate my speaker cables.