Balanced Power Technologies (BPT) Service

So here's a blast from the past, my BPT 2.5 Signature has shut down twice tonight. I'm guessing there is something going on with it. I have never had a problem after about 10 years Anyone know who can service this?


I still use self modded BPT 3.5 signature. I'd bet on the magnetic thermal circuit breaker on/off switch as culprit. I'd open up unit, try to identify part numbers on switch, probably can find replacement at Mouser or another parts house. Otherwise local tech is your best hope, shipping will cost arm and leg.


Perhaps I can id switch on mine later today, although may not be same switch as in your model. I believe mine is a Carling manufactured switch, can't be sure.

Wow, I appreciate the advice. It is the main power switch that is “blowing”.

So mine is wrapped in a gray protective material. I can just make out the following:


The switch doesn't look bad, no burning etc. I am in contact with Chris Hoff via another forum. Maybe he can help me out.


Perfect! Great idea. The switch can look fine and still need replacing as an FYI. 

I’m sure that’s it. I really like this unit so I’m hoping I can find the switch. If anyone has any details on the proper switch, that would help. I have not heard back from Chris.

Good information from grannyring and sns. I guess I've been lucky so far as my BPT 3.5 Signature plus has been in use daily since I purchased new in  December -2008!   (Not a single problem (So far). It just contributes to a beautiful audio system overall  sound quality. @falconcrest I hope you are able to get this sorted out.


Mine was flawless as well until last night. My system is dead quiet with this unit.