Awesome new "Kind Of Blue" Redbook CD reissue

Hi Guys,
I was in my local independent record store yesterday just to browse and I came across a brand new, copyright 2006, cd reissue of the all time great Miles Davis album "Kind Of Blue". Now like most of us I'm sure I neeeded another copy of this album like a hole in the head. I have the truly fantastic Classic Records 200 gram album of about 5 years ago as well as a mid-nineties cd reissue. Sadly this cd reissue that I already owned sounded pretty dreadful, so when I picked this new one up and saw that in addition to being a brand new 20 bit remaster, it was also remixed on a vintage Presto all tube three track mixer!An if all of this wasn't good enough it was in the sale bin for 10 bucks! Deal! Brought it home and from the first bass notes of "So What" I knew this wasn't just an upgrade it was like a whole new album. Not to bore you but just one example, on my vintage '95 cd copy those opening bass notes are just barely discernable. On this reissue not are the notes loud and clear but I can hear individual strings vibrating. A total slam dunk. Now I have no doubt that there are both SACD and DVD-A versions of this out there, but if like me you're purely a redbook guy then this version is a godsend. It's of course on Columbia/Legacy, the catalog number is CK64935. It should be very widely available and it has an alternate take of "Flamenco Sketches". Happy listening!
My son just called me to say the same raving things about this new release - I'm leaving right now to go pick my copy up!
Gracias amigo!
Your killing me with this news. If I would have know years ago how many copies I would buy of this CD I would have bought stock in Columbia! I'm off to my local record shop. Thanks; )
I'm not sure why your copy is dated 2006 because I have had the same disc for years. Same tube deck mix, same cat. number, same everything but mine is dated 1997. Super-Bit-Mastering.
I just got my 2006 reissue of Kind of Blue on-line at Sony Music Store for 9 bucks.
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One of my copies has the cataloge number of CK64935 and is dated 1997 too. My other copy is the Gold version, pressed in Japan with a cataloge # of 53861 and came in one of those cardboard long boxes. I like the 1997 version of the two. So, is this 2006 release a new version or just a re-issue like they are doing with the "RVG" stuff??

Thanks for the the up-tick on this classic project.


Interesting. I have a Japanese edition that has Sony's Super Bit Mapping and 20-bit Mastering. It's still in the plastic wrap and I don't want to open it to look for a date. It appears to be a gold CD and is cat # SRCS 6681. Does anyone have that version or know how it sounds?
i have the gold version. its catalog number is ck 52861.
i have no indication as to date. the notes inside the box are dated 1992.

i have heard several redbook versions of "kind of blue", namely the original and 20 bit remastered (legacy) versions, both aluminum surfaces.

i prefer the gold version. it seems to be more subtractive in the treble region and the trumpet and saxophone sound , to my ears is more timbrally accurate than the versions alluded to above.
Hmmmmmmmm, after further investigation it appears that the cd I bought is merely a repackaging of the '97 reissue. It is copyright 2006 though, hence the confusion. And it does sound fantastic, especially in the bass, which was nearly nonexistant on my prior cd copy. Happy listening!
I had to open my Sony SBM [SRCS 6681] copy to try it. Weak bass, for sure, so I'll assume it's not one of the better sounding versions despite all the indications to the contrary. :(
interesting.....I've got to check this out. good thing is, I only have 1 copy of this disc and it is definately before 1997 issue. thanks for sharing the info!!!