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Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes
Very informative post, thank you!I have a Line Magnetic 508 as well, so considering the MELZ 1578. There appear to be a bunch of these online now with prices all over the map. How do I know which "1578" tubes to buy? Is there something specific I'... 
Broken plastic guide on tubes - how to tell which way the tube fits in socket?
imhififan, I do and will give that a try. Thanks! 
Broken plastic guide on tubes - how to tell which way the tube fits in socket?
ozzy, that would work if there were other tubes to check but in this set up, it's the 6SL7 that is broken, along with both my 6SN7>6F8G tube converters that I'd like to not replace. imhififan, thanks, that's a great replacement piece. Not sure... 
Line Magnetic 508ia and the Elusive 805 Tube
Hi waltersalas - can you specify which tubes you rolled and results? Have had my 508 for about a month and ready to start rolling. Which tube set should I start with that had the most impact to the sound?Thx! 
Well recorded solo piano and solo acoustic guitar?
Solo piano:Liz Story, any of her albums but I really like "Solid Colors" for setting a mood and staying there.Also Carol Commune's "Intracoastal" is one of my favorites. Ran into her at a music store in Jupiter Florida a number of years back and f... 
modwright Sony 999es platinum truth.
Good suggestion! I tried that, here's what it does: It plays ALL SACDs, it play NO Hybrid SACDs (discs with an SACD layer and a CD layer).Sigh. 
modwright Sony 999es platinum truth.
Thanks for the info, but that didn't work. The 999 refuses to read the SACD layer of any hybrid discs, although it plays stand-alone SACDs fine. Very frustrating, as most SACDs are hybrids. 
modwright Sony 999es platinum truth.
Qdrone, where would that be? I just went through the whole menu and didn't see anything like that. I'm so hoping it is that easy! It used to play them, but not any more.... 
modwright Sony 999es platinum truth.
Glad you found that, it really does open things up!Now if you could just find a way for mine to play the SACD layer of hybrid discs, I would be forever grateful. I have had a new laser assembly installed, which did nothing. Otherwise, I still love... 
Brandi Carlise- The Firewatcher's Daughter
I too am having trouble connecting to this album - seems like she is yelling at you most of the time, and has lost the dynamic feel that made earlier performances so special. As Audiowoman says, she seems to be afflicted with the "pop" vocal bug. ... 
mapleshade ic's...
Great marketing, not so great cables. Were bested by many "budget" cables in a month long shootout, including Audio Art and Kimber PBJ especially. They went back to Mapleshade. Not recommended by me, but YMMV. 
Looking for really fine cables at really low price
I really enjoy the Audio Art cables, they are well balanced across the spectrum and very musical, and surprisingly affordable. 
Best internet radio stations. ??
Radio Paradise, eclectic (but not TOO) and cool. 
Your favorite LP nobody has ever heard of
For me it's "Straight to the Heart" by Navarro on Capitol Records, circa 1978. Great songs and performances, and clean crisp recording (if you find a copy where the vinyl isn't too polluted).They were the backup band for Carole King for a time, an... 
Audio Physics Virgo II's; What amp?
Tubes all the way with these great speakers! I used a Cary v12i with my Virgos and it was a match made in heaven, which doesn't help you as you're looking for an integrated, but needed to be said :^D I have also heard them sound fabulous with the ...