I have a Korean car, watch KDramas and even listen to some KPop, but I don’t get what Aurender is doing.

I’m currently in digital hold given that my new Holo DAC died, but intend on listening to my IFi Zen stream and look at upgrade paths.

Some of the most respected members of this forum swear by Aurender, so it must deliver, but here is my point of confusion:

1. Coax and AES are the preferred outputs, but higher bandwidths require dual AES out, but I don’t have dual in on my DAC.

2. Aurender’s top models claim to have great clocks, so why not pass this on to the DAC via I2s?

3. Top Aurenders accept external clocks and I assume this is used with a DAC that accepts external clocks, but why bother when I2s would take care of this?

4. The argument against I2s is that there isn’t a standard, but this isn’t a problem in most implementations.

I’m sure that I have misrepresented things above, so please correct my understanding.


I have the Aurender's USB connected to my RME DAC which I use in a headphone set up.  The RME doesn't care about the source clock, it uses it's internal clock for all inputs

Keep in mind thats just a USB 2.0 cable, nothing special.   I think my Lab 12 does sound better via coax,  I haven't A/B 'd the two extensively,  could sound better with a purpose designed USB audio cable , not sure.    Like everything,  it's all subjective 

I'm holding off on any further cable purchases until I get my new pre.    I just picked up some DH Lab Air Matrix Cryo RCA and they are super high quality .  I will eventually pick up the DH Labs USB and revisit .

I am really loving my N200,    As lucmichaude said, stored content is indistinguishable from the original.   Support from Aurender is great too... Im glad I stretched my budget on this one , it's such a slick way to stream, and store music.  

Agree with ofdiofyl, the upgrade in sound is noticeable. Something I wasn’t expecting with N150. <was using modright oppo205 with cd collection and bluesound to Musical Paradise DAC; now using Aurender to Musical Paradise DAC.

The Aurender now comes with free 2 month trial to use ROON.