Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable

I have all Nordost IC but have been impressed by Audioquest power cable and am thinking of changing my speaker cables to Audioquest Thunderbird zero. I currently have Nordost Heimdall. Do you think that’s a good idea, Thanks.


OP Frey 2 are excellent , they are definitely better than Heimdall 2 provided if it will match your system.

I have found the lower tiers of Nordost to be just OK… but once you get to Valhalla and up they are outstanding. I only have experience with new AQ power cords. My evaluation AQ wire was long ago, and at that time was not good. But a lot has changed with them.

Every system is different. I've listened to the Nordost Tyr2 and Valhalla 2 in my system. I prefer the Tyr2 in my system. 

Speaker cables can make or break a system. My main system, i have Dynaudio Speakers and Sugden Amps. I found that WireWorld is a great pairing for that equipment. My Second system in the basement, I am running Another Sugden amp, with PMC Twenty5.22i speakers. I have Madison Audiolab Cables, they are a very neutral cable, sound perfect. I tried a $3000 pair of Verterre Speaker cables in the basement, and they sounded like someone covered my speaker with blankets.


Only Demo cables you don't have to buy if you are fortunate.

Well guys your excellent advises and lots of thinking has convinced me to stay with Nordost. I almost went for Valhalla 2 but held myself back as the price was too rich for my wallet. Then I started look at Tyr 2 but same as before too expensive so I just ordered Frey 2. I hope I made the correct decision and will not be disappointed. Thank you all.

If your wallet is feeling violated, you could always pick up Nordost (Asian equivalents) for 70, 80 bucks on Aliexpress....

Aliexpress is an excellent cost saving resource for struggling audiophiles. It has saved many a marriage, college funds, retirement accounts, etc over the ages.

Hope that helps.