Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable

I have all Nordost IC but have been impressed by Audioquest power cable and am thinking of changing my speaker cables to Audioquest Thunderbird zero. I currently have Nordost Heimdall. Do you think that’s a good idea, Thanks.


I believe that "AQ is made in China" was debunked on another thread, here or elsewhere. Maybe just their cheapest cables are. I read there's a new v3 version of some nordost cables out that you might want to look at. Keeping your ICs and speaker wire from same manufacturer is probably a good idea, per Steven at TCC.

It doesn't matter. You won't hear any difference whatsoever.

Ah yet another highly insightful and useful post from troll city.

I had a full Frey 2 Nordost loom years ago with the QX4, QB8, the whole nine yards. This was with Leben electronics and Devore speakers. 

I loved this setup and always thought if one was to get into Nordost the Frey was the sweet spot. Over time I sold off the cables (didn't pay for them it was a work trade) for a speaker or amp upgrade. As with all hobbies things come and go.

My advice is to go slow with your changes. You should be in a pretty good place. As said above the Tyr is excellent and nothing wrong with a mix. Just be sure that dollar for dollar would you get the best value for cables, or perhaps a new amp or dac or speaker? The room gets more important at this phase of the game too.

Nothing you don't already know. I do miss those cables but my room has changed requiring a different speaker, etc so I'm not even sure the cables would make much difference now. My point being they aren't that high on my list as they are on yours.