Audiogon IGNORE Feature

Hi Audiogon Admin,

I would like to make 2 suggestions for you.
1) Get the SPAM sorted out

2) Provide the logged in user the ability to IGNORE posters that they do not want to read. I am sick and tired of reading people crying over certain posters and hijacking (and sometime getting deleted) very informative threads. 

I am sure there are folks who would like to IGNORE me too. This way everyone will be happy.

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I'm laughing so hard right now. Obviously, someone has kicked Elizabeth's cat again. :-)

How can one determine if something is "smoke and mirrors" when they haven't tried the items at issue for themselves? It makes no sense to me at all. What am I missing here?

Jeez Elizabeth.......

Do you truly think SO MANY members including some very well respected and long standing ones Have all been bamboozled?

Do you think the TC paste and mats contain some mind bending hallucinogenic substances that warp and subvert all users to " the cause".

Just wow.......

On to the actual topic and not the skilful diversion.

Just how would it work?

How could you just ignore posts by certain users within the confines of a thread? That thread would likely be nonsense without those posts as much as may dislike them.
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@mental You got the definition of IGNORE that I referenced correct. I do not want to see tons of post, especially arguments on threads. I would rather skip them or have them compressed. I could not care less if these same IGNORED people  see my posts. They can IGNORE me if they want. Normally when I am online I try to stay awake.

Not sure what your point is on the web page. I have created SECURE web sites for business for decades. What I wrote above is a very easy way to control the SPAM problem. It is clearly stated, if you have some software programming background, you should understand what I wrote.
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I’m with Elizabeth on this. The MAIN problem, as I see it, is the ever present and excessive misinformation distributed here. But, as in real life (is audiophilia real life?) it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. The better informed, the easier this is to do. Luck favors the prepared mind. Life is full of spam and has been since recorded time began. The key is not to respond to it or give it validity.
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My interpretation of that Sun Tzu maxim - he is full of fear, everyone is the enemy.