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If you don’t know yet Apple Music is now lossless, then you must be living under a rock 😂

Question is, has anyone here figured out how to stream Apple Lossless in a proper audio system?

I am getting a lightning to USB adapter to connect my iPhone to my USB DAC to try. As far as I know, this is the only way to stream lossless from Apple Music. Am I missing anything?

When streaming Apple Music lossless music, you can get up to 25-bit 48kHz quality; and for Hi-Res lossless music, you can get up to 24-bit 192kHz output. How can you have these high-resolution Apple Music songs offline?

Try AudFree Apple Music Downloader, which converts Apple music to lossless MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV and retains the original quality data. This is a 100% clean and safe Apple music downloader. By using this program you can add lossless Apple music files to your DJ or burn them more freely to CD.

Update: connected my iPhone 12 via lightning to USB adapter to the USB port on my DAC (Esoteric N-01XD). First impressions on Apple Music: …. Crap! It sounds bad. Very flat, no dynamics, muted, squashed dynamics. Something is wrong.

I am comparing to current setup, Qobuz and Tidal streamed via Roon and Ethernet to my streaming DAC
Actually, no. Apple downsizes anything to 24/96, at most, despite what the DAC or adaptor is capable of. People need to read what Darko has found out about Apple's set up.

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You use this out of your lightning port to your DAC's USB cord: Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter

This will let you charge and listen to up to 24/192 at the same time (or above if your DAC will handle that).  It works on both iPhone and iPad but is big and clunky so best for non-mobile applications.
Oh… I have Qobuz. And Tidal. And Roon. I was just trying to try Apple Music. I am in wife’s family plan, along with our sons. So this is “free” for me 
Get the adapter that allows you to charge as you play — it supposedly sounds better and will avoid your phone dying while listening.  Also, I believe Apple limits the iPhone’s digital out to 24/96 if that matters.  I’d recommend switching to Qobuz. 
I was just going to link to Darko. He has the best take on it right now.
There's also this video he made earlier:

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