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Can anyone explain what a power tube does inside an amplifier, eg kt88.
Read the beginning of this:   https://worldradiohistory.com/BOOKSHELF-ARH/Technology/RCA-Books/RCA-Receiving-Tube-Manual-1975-RC-30.pdf  
Optical Conversion Not Working, Please Help
OP:  The experts are on audiophilestyle.com, if you still need help.  
Appropriate Apple table for Roon
I started by just running Roon off of my iPhone with the camera adapter.  
Looking for a great set of Wired Headphones
These guys live and breathe headphones:   https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/  
Western Electric 12AX7 coming this summer.
I wonder how many high-end NOS 12AX7 tubes are still out there.  When those dry up these guys will have the market cornered if they can produce a quality replica.  
Western Electric 12AX7 coming this summer.
@dinov  I bought them from Brent Jesse.  Do you know of a better deal on those tubes?  
Western Electric 12AX7 coming this summer.
I just bought some Telefunken smooth plates for $260 a pair.  He’ll have to beat those numbers and sound quality.  At least until the NOS tubes totally dry up.  
Western Electric 12AX7 coming this summer.
I wonder what manufacturer’s tube he’ll copy.  
I use qobuz and roon, Play lists seem really bad, what do I do?
You can use a program called Soundiiz (soundiiz.com) to transfer favorite artists, tracks, albums and playlists from one platform to another.  I use free Spotify to find a bunch of playlists I like and then transfer them to Qobuz using Soundiiz.  
Ethernet cable for Streaming
I just ran a 50' Cat6 ethernet line under my house from router to laptop and the sound is *much* better than it was on Wi-Fi.  Seems like it's more of everything and smoother at the same time.  I say go for it.Fluke says max perm. line for Cat8 is... 
Switching from KT120 to 6550, just plug&play or dial back bias?
Biasing "low" means increasing or decreasing the negative bias voltage? 
A true legend has passed away! ' Set it and forget it '
Didn't he do Mr. Microphone?  https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSimpsons/comments/3mddsr/hey_good_lookin_well_be_back_to_pick_you_up_lat... 
Apple Music
You use this out of your lightning port to your DAC's USB cord: Amazon.com: Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter This will let you charge and listen to up to 24/192 at the same time (or above if your DAC will handle that).  It works on both iP... 
Leaky capacitors need replacement?
I replaced all the tubes and my amp is still sputtering so next I’m off to a tech to replace those caps and hope that’s the issue.   
Who is this and song title - female vocals on this Speaker audition
Shazam says "Lost Without You" by Freya Ridings.  If you have an iPhone you can also now just say "Hey Siri, who is this".  I have both and they both gave the same answer.