Anyone Tried the

Greetings, Blessed Easter to all,

Anyone used the Adona spikes? What alternatives are there? I'm going to be getting some pretty nice speakers and I want serious spikes/feet for them.

I understand brass might not be the ultimate for my needs; any aluminum, etc. materials to suggest?

Brands to recommend?

If you are setting the speakers onto a flat surface you might want to consider Herbie's Audio Lab Big Fat Black Dots. They run about $50 for 6 pieces. These worked better for me than brass cones.

Herbie's Audio Lab
As nice as the Chapman T-7's are, there is a step up I'm pursuing...Chapman T-77's!
These are going to be the pinnacle of Stuart Jones' speaker making prowess. He has been working on a custom pair for me for about four months. We've made some changes to the standard T-77. I will post full report/review when they're installed in the HT.
I will end up with Chapmans in three systems I'm running. I guess I like them, eh?

I need subtantial spikes for the new T-77's. I'm going into well padded carpeting, so the dots seem out of the question.
Look forward to detailed review later, but as Chapman has no website, what can you tell us about the speakers: drivers used, size, weight, price?!
The Chapman T-7 is a three way; proprietary Chapman 10" bass, 6" Scanspeak mid, and 1" metal dome tweeter.
They weigh about 80 lbs. and are heavily braced. Exceptional quality wiring, inductors, capacitors, etc. are used and all tuned to under 1% variance.
They look vaguely like Vandersteens; I feel they're more enjoyable with removable grills on newer versions of the speaker.
I believe they cost approx. $3,200 now retail and you can talk to Stuart Jones for more info. 206-463-3008
It is extremely rare to get a component with such high quality for this price tag!