Anyone make an "audiophile" USB-RCA interconnect?

For those of you running your audio from your computer to an external DAC, are there any high-end USB-RCA cables available? Is there any point in bothering with this? Thanks.
Maybe you can cut off one end of an USB cord and solder a RCA termination on.

And, excuse me if I don't know what I am talking about. I am just waiting for someone to make a USB, Firewire or SATA wire with RCA ends.

Not as easy as that unfortunately. The USB connection has 2 power lines (5v and ground) along with 2 Data (+ and -)lines. You will need to process the data lines to allow connection to an audio output device. Have a look at the device a company called Sonica (or other companies) sell.

Regards, Richard
Many soundcards have digital out for an external dac, there are external Usb dacs on the market (I have one). These dacs use usb cable from PC-Dac..Rca cables of your choice are then output from Dac-Preamp.

USB is a complex digital interface standard, very different from SPDIF, AESEBU or any other audio digital standard. Therefore both ends of the link need a USB tranceiver and therefore both ends of the cable would require termination with a standard USB plug (since it's part of the USB standard to use these plugs).

Also USB runs at a very high data rate and is packetized so if there are DACs that have a USB input (I assume sogood51 knows better than me) then they would have to buffer and reclock the data, meaning that the USB cable itself should have absolutely minimal effect on sound quality (since digital cables effect the sound by their jitter characteristics, and jitter is removed through reclocking).
Hmmm, sounds like the headphone out is the best option for now! However, I'm sure in time as hard drives become more prominant as music transports the right kind of cables and connections will appear.