Anyone else seeing Anomalies w. Rega Apollo?

I have posted previously my initial review of the Apollo cdp, and I still stand by everything I said about this unit sonically.
I am on my third Apollo now, due to the fact that there are glitches/anomalies in operation between three units:
failure to accept command to stop
failure to read a disc
Instead of reading "initializing" reading "continuing" when a disc is put in
When the track forward button pushed, display reads "skipping" (which normally flashes for a split second as the track advances)but doesn't move to next track
Repeat function inoperative; when the disc finished playing it stops instead of repeating.
First split second of a song getting cut off when playing disc.
None of these problems are permanent; they are all intermittent, which makes it extremely difficult to find the issue, I would guess. I forwarded a list of symptoms to Rega to look at.

I understand that there are special processes, extremely precise etc. in manufacture of these units. The first two were thought to be defective as they came off the line together and were sent to the same dealer. I understand about 5% of units may experience technical problems.

But this one was from an entirely different batch, made weeks later. Still exhibiting operational problems.

I saw one or two comments earlier, back when people were responding to my review, that indicated slight glitches operationally.

Now, I'm wondering what owners are experiencing. Who else has an Apollo that's "acting up"? If these problems are more widespread than Rega knows, then they won't correct them. If there's operational or software problems, they should be fixed.

This is an incredible player, with sound like I've never heard before from a cdp in this price range. That's why I'm sticking with it. My Rega dealer has been golden, absolutely perfect. No questions asked exchanges on defective units.

But now, on number three, that makes me wonder if this is more widespread than even they know. I recall early on that two Apollo's were sold on Agon. I wonder if the buyers of those units can vouch for their perfect operation?

Please, if your unit is acting funky, detail the issue with the unit, so I can learn if this is just me (maybe my electricity is weird; but I doubt it. Every other player I've ever had in my system in the same place has been perfect), or if there's manufacturing problems on the Apollo.

If I don't get any responses back, I'll just assume that I have this incredible gift of obtaining the duds in production.
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I bought mine just over 3 weeks ago. Played flawlessly without a hic-cup. The sound is unbelievable for the price I agree.

Ill likely regret that I just sold it only to raise cash. I will likely have to spend much more to find its sonic equal I suppect. But, in the short time I had issues.

I owned one shortly but sold it recently. It has a marvelous sound, just not quite up to my Audio Aero Capitole but for $1k vs $5K I wouldn't expect it to. I had absolutely no problems whatsoever with glitches reading problems etc or any operational issues of any kind. By the way my T-7's are out with Stuart getting new woofers and mid range drivers so they should sound magnificant when I finally get them.
Viridian, Yes, with the mono version you have to buy two. Better resolution, but it's a real bear to try and get the two players for L/R chanel in sync when you listen.

Kehut, you bought and sold it within three weeks? Man, you just got enough of a fix to have serious withdrawal now.

I think many of the dealers aren't aware of such problems, since they might just put discs on play and let them run. It's us real world obsessive convulsive listeners who are using the functions all the time!

Anyone else? Unit working flawlessly or no?

The dealer is superb; I have an appointment on Sat. to bring the unit in and meet with the technitian to see what's going on with it.
Love the music this player makes, but yes...having some of the same problems that Doug is having with his. A replacement is on it's way to me. Still have my original one and will compare the two. Hopefully the new one will have the problems worked out. Mostly just quirky stuff, but aggravating nonetheless.
No problems at all with mine.I have had it around 6 weeks now, and its a great player.

I haven't had any problems with mine but I haven't used it a whole lot. I did notice you kind of have to wait until functions are finished before going on to the next one. It's not instantaneous. At first I thought it was hanging up but it just takes its own sweet time a lot of times. And it says in the manual it'll wait until each function is finished before going on to the next.

I've had mine for a couple of months. Works perfectly. Great sounding player. It takes a moment to be ready to play, but I can wait a moment no problem.

I am on my second one. The first one worked fine the first night of playing(about four hours). The next morning it starting acting up. It would just stop playing and it also had the same problem with the foward button. It would average 2-4 stopings a day. My replacement arrived yesterday and so far so good with 3 hours of playing last night and 2 hours of playing this morning. This thing sounds really good!!! I just hope it lasts.
Have had it 2 weeks. Will stop playing for 10-15 seconds, then continues. Display goes to zero then back to accurate count. Have replayed tracks with no problem. Replaced a Planet 2000, Apollo sounds much better. Prefer the new locking chuck CD fits on, Planet 2000 could be noisy if CD center not cut correctly. Watching for a recall from Rega.
mine works fine but the remote sucks as do all the remotes for all the english gear I use, like the sound but what the f-cks up with the remotes;) have to be close to work might as well use the buttons on the player or amps.