Any women looking at this add Please reply

Just curious, are there any women who are browsing through adds looking for gear and upgrading like us men, any women audiophiles out there?

I just need some information, I have a girlfriend who will never understand this part of me, don’t get me wrong, I am the luckiest guy in the world I believe but I am just curious.

I guess we all have our differences.
Its like me walking into Mac Makeup I guess, just encountered that too and will never understand the endless time walking around in the mall shopping for hours not looking for anything particular, I have encountered this situation more than once with other individual female friends. Something different as well like us maybe.

If you are a woman, what is your background?
Why the interest? and please please elaborate on your system if you wish, please don’t feel uncomfortable to share!
We are all music lovers!

Your title sounds like spam, but it appears to be a real email.

I just did a major system upgrade, and am pretty pleased with what I have done, but considering my old system came from garage sales, it's a big improvement.

But I don't seriously have the upgrade bug, even though I can afford to do more. I am not too typical a female--Aeronautical engineer, enjoy working with power tools, not afraid of technology in general. My husband, an electical engineer, is not into the 'hobby' aspect at all, even though he does enjoy listening to music.

I was told once that the ratio of male/female subscribers to Stereophile is 50/1. When I go into a used CD store, I notice that the male/female customer ratio is closer to 50/50. So it isn't just a love of music that sets male audiophiles apart.

I think the obsession with the technology itself is a turn-off for many women--it is for me. After recently attending a local hi-end store open house I was put off by guys hanging around talking about expensive equipment -- it has a certain overtone that reminds me of territorial marking. But this is a problem in many hobbies that are not dominated by women--aviation (which I have spent a lot of time with, as well) comes to mind.

It is pretty rare for a couple to be mad about the same hobby (unless that's how they met).

I know women who quilt, or collect Barbie dolls. I know men who collect books or tinker with old cars. So both men and women have the capability to get completely nutty over 'things.' Other people have no identifiable hobbies whatsoever. So you might as well ask what, psychologically, differentiates those with hobbies from those without?

The important thing is each person should be allowed to have their odd little passions for 'things' without it being a commentary on their love for each other. It is most important, in my, mind, that the hobby cause no financial strain.

So good luck, and ask each other for tolerance for each other's little passions toward 'things.'

Enough of this, gonna go hug my tolerant hubby . ..

I am a members wife. Please stop selling audio to him. You guys are crazy. I asked him how our 401 K was doing, he replies great, its at 1200 watts! I told him honey, we need a coffee table, he gets 2. When I open the drawers, they have something called 12 inch woofers in them. We shop for a dinning room table, he only likes the ones covered in green felt with 6 holes in it. Even as I am typing this letter he is in the bathroom with a measuring tape, tells me we are getting new tile but I see wires sticking out of the corners of the walls. Would really like to hear from the wives since there is only 1 female member. Thank you for allowing me to vent, Regards
Julie, thanks for your input! It's nice to hear that there are actually women out there who enjoy this hobby! It is also impressive that you got into "audiomania" independently of your husband. I enjoyed the philosophy expressed in your post. Your husband is a very lucky guy!
I'm a life-long music lover and technically disinclined. I understand very little of the language /specs of things. I stumbled across Audiogon when I was looking for speakers and a guy there told me about it.

That was a year and a half ago and I've been at it ever since. I keep saying that I'm 'almost done 'but it just keeps going. This time though I'm almost done.

This hobby can definately cross over into obsession, sickness, call it what you will. It's a fine line. I'll be the first to say I'm a little crazy but then when I get that new and better CDP or upgrade my cables, I wonder why anyyone who claims they love music wouldn't want to follow in my footsteps. Truthfully I wish I would have 'turned' audiophile long ago.

I'm over 50, single, and live in the Bay Area.

Is there an AA (Audiophile Anonymous) in your area? I was bitten a long time ago but have been very frugal in my purchases. Hope your hubby is the same.
I have always loved music, and I guess I got into the technical/equipment side of things because I also enjoy computers, building my own, etc.. Though the most important thing is the sound, I do enjoy researching different audio equipment, too. I am still learning and don't consider myself an audiophile, just a wanna be audiophile maybe! My life partner isn't much interested in this audio stuff, but tolerates my obsession.

I can't imagine living without music and the means to play it. I have no musical ability, but I sure know how to run a stereo system!

And if I had more $$$, I would consider upgraditis a blessing!

You know... I couldn't tell you how it happened? When I was in my early teens I was never interested in music, it was my little sister who had the 'nice' stereo and it was always playing when she wasn't at school. She never moved beyond blasting her favorite CDs though... I think she still owns the same speakers and components from when she was 12!

I'm not exactly 'normal' in the female sense though. I don't get weak kneed over purses, makeup, shoes or the latest fashion. I do get weak kneed over beautiful cars, camera gear and audio equipment though! My passion started with (and is still going strong) cars. For years I had a modified mustang I worked on and raced (at a legal track, not on the street), and then as I got older my tastes grew and refined quite a bit and now I've great love for my Euro cars. I still modify and work on them but I no longer race... unless you count racing the wind or the setting sun along a good twisty road. :)

Anyways, off track there.... I didn't really start listening to music until I was 17 or so.. I got Sony separates and a set of Infinity SM125s. I don't really remember how or why... but I remember I researched the speakers quite a bit. I think I might have ended up with a stereophile magazine and learned about the world of high end audio and that was it for me. Hooked.

I got upgraded to Carver separates as a Christmas present when I was 19, Got my first dedicated room when I was 24 and upgraded to maggies at the recommendation of a friend shortly after. Soon after I took a trip to Denver to visit another friend and toured Ayre HQ and spent two hours in their listening room. The rest is history as they say.

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