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Why so few record cleaners for sale?
but they sell almost immediately when they come up used. Even a used VPI 16.5 resold for $400 in less than two days recently. 
Amplifier reviews from Hardesty's
. . .devoted to reviews of some the best high-end audio amps available. . .Unless you've heard them all, of course, and concur.But at least this one read less like a paid advert for Vandersteen and Ayre. 
Difference between anthem mca and pva?
It's just the power. Doubt much difference in "warmth" I have the MCA50, and Paradigm S8--If you go with a solid state amp, your warmth will probably come mainly from your source and possibly the pre-section. That said, my system seems warm to me ... 
Good inexpensive phono pre-amp for Technic 1200s?
Music Hall makes a nice little phono stage for about $120. 
High-end Universal...Why? ?
I was pretty well informed on audio technology in the mid 1980s, about when CDs came out . . .went through some impoverished times with my pair of Vandersteen 2ci, a Sony Walkman as a CD player and a receiver I bought at a garage sale, and just re... 
Vandersteen speakers set up Newbie needs help Plea
If the 1C will work, of course the 2CE will work much better . . . ;-)I'm assuming that you are wanting to switch to the Vandys to get better music over the ARs . . .I have an old pair of 2ci that I used for years as my main speakers for music and... 
Any women looking at this add Please reply
Ravi--Your title sounds like spam, but it appears to be a real email. I just did a major system upgrade, and am pretty pleased with what I have done, but considering my old system came from garage sales, it's a big improvement.But I don't seriousl... 
Anyone heard the new paradigm signature series?
Heard them, demoed them, listened to other speakers, including B+W (at a different dealer). Bought them (S8). They replaced a pair of Vandersteen 2CE.Very happy so far two months into ownership. 
Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder
They were playing this all over the San Francisco air waves in the early 90s, I believe, but people out here in CO have never heard it. It's a true OHW, and pretty darned funny, to boot:Detachable Penis by King Missile 
Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder
I'll second "Melt With You" by Modern English. Great tune.Many of these bands had other albums, but not other hits."In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry, anyone? 
Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder
Mississippi Queen, by MountainWe could come up with another category--most annoying songs to subliminally suggest to your coworkers so it ends up going through their heads all day driving them crazy . . Something like "Muskrat Love. . . "For a gre... 
Stereophile confirms new gear is getting worse....
This is a little OT, but perhaps of ancillary interest. . .I was cleaning the basement and found the Feb 94 issue of Stereophile. Apparently reviewer Lewis Lipnick gave a scathing review to a Crown MR power amp. Judging from the multiple pages of ... 
What was your first music that you paid for?
Ahh, Geez. My parents bought me a little Realistic compact system when I was about 13, but my Mom didn't want me listening to any of that hippy stuff . . . it was 1970. I wanted Jefferson Airplane, but my first allowable album was Tony Orlando and... 
Why Linear Tracking never took off?
There was a big article on linear tonearms in this month's HIFI+ magazine (Issue 28). Kind of interesting reading.Julie 
WAF, Help, Need Strategy
If I were you, I would decide which you want in the living room--the HT or the 2-channel. The other goes in the basement or wherever. You have to decide which. That's your part of the compromise.IMO A home should be a reflection of both the people...