Any Tannoy XT8f vs Kef LS50 meta comparisons?

I'm in a smallish room (18x12) and itching to upgrade my speakers. Kind of had my heart set on bookshelf style, and looking at the LS50's... However, a pair of Tannoy XT8f speakers recently became available on local classifieds for half off retail. This would put them at less money than a brand new pair of LS50s and I'm strongly considering them.

Any thoughts or opinions on how these two may compare in my size room?

For reference, I'm running Rogue audio gear, RP1 preamp and stereo 100 amp. 

Tannoy dual-concentrics have always paired nicely with Rogue tubes, to my ears. 12x18 should be just fine for that size of Tannoy. The LS50 intrigues me but I'd be hard pressed on a reason to choose that, unless specifically for a desktop system or a smaller room. 
@mulveling thanks for your reply, sounds like you've heard that combo before. Because of my lack of experience with many different types of speakers and my recently acquired gear, I don't know what to expect and the speaker market is kind of daunting especially when you're putting down a couple grand. I appreciate your response! The reason for posting all of this is there is a pair of Tannoys on my local craigslist listed for $1,200 for the pair, little less than half of the original price and there may be some room for additional negotiation. Sounds like a pretty good deal if it would be a nice fit for my situation
I had Tannoy X8Tfs paired with Rogue (RP7+ Stereo 100) for a couple years or so, and really enjoyed the pairing. The Tannoy X8 are a neutral speaker overall with excellent bass, but lean just BARELY on the bright side, thus tube pairing jives well. Had the Tannoys with a Parasound Halo before that, and the Rogues were a better pairing.I only sold the Tannoys to move up to Legacy Signatures. Sorry I have no experience with the LS50s.  Edit: I haven't parted with my X8Tfs yet, just can't quite yet.  Thinking of incorporating them into my surround system...  darn nice speakers for the price!
So I ended up getting the Tannoys and I'm super super stoked right now. Made a huge difference in imaging, high end detail, base works for the room. Damn I love this
i hated the sound of the 8XTF.
muddy overblown peaky bass
crispy edgy lower treble, 8 in woofer to 1 in tweeter makes for compromises in the crossover frequencies.

i loved the LS50s when i owned them, the Metas are voiced more natural. no brainer for me.
Well, Tannoys aren’t for everyone, @avanti1960
Looks like OP is really enjoying his, as I’ve enjoyed all my Tannoys and still do today.
Good to hear your results, @jin78!

I'm learning that there are so many different variables with systems and rooms, speaker placement yada yada. I must say that boomy bass wasn't my experience at all. The bass is hitting tightly and sounds natural, never gets annoying or overpowering. But that's in my room. I can see where some might consider these speakers bright and edgy, for me it was a revelation in detail and sound stage. I'm sure equipment and tube selection also affects all this. I would still love to get a pair of LS50s to compare, but based on information from others with experience with the LS50s, I concluded they may want more power than what I'm giving them with the stereo 100. On top of that, I got a screaming deal on these speakers. This setup will definitely have me set for a while
@mulveling thank you! They are beautiful to look at and the sound is an incredible upgrade from what I had before. For the price I paid I'm not sure what can be complained about...